About Me

I am a compulsive thinker defined by unknown boundaries.At 12 I was severely scolded when I read Eric Segal's "Doctors" for the first time.Since then reading has stayed as an obsession with me.Its only recently that I made the jump from fiction to nonfiction and I find it gratifying.

I am a dreamer living in my own dream world.I like to view things my way which would be centrist with a left leading ideologue compounded by green concerns.I am not as much of a animal lover as I am an overall environment lover.

I have never believed in the right wrong discourse.I believed its the situation you are in that decided how you act.All there years of my life and I still hold "The Godfather" as my bible.People ask me why ..well because it taught me how to live in my own terms.And if ever did I want to meet someone I would like to meet Michael Corleone.