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I still remember it was summer 2005,I had just cleared my 12th and life was not exactly on a high .I was at the crossroads not being able to decide what to do next since I had miscalculated a few career moves. It was then someone told me about SHILLONG ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT COLLEGE at Jorabat. The moment I heard the name Jorabat my enthusiasm went for a ride as I thought who studied in a college in Jorabat? Still my parents persisted me and we came along checking for the college. The first two things that hit me was the uphill path and then on top of that nested on the hill, a tall sturdy building. I wouldn’t say it took my breath away but yes I was amazed at the people who gave this building in the top of the hill. It was quite shocking .We went inside and soon my parents went all gaga over the fact that I was going to be an IT engineer.

My reaction was much more measured because once the initial amazement was over I had to weigh my options correctly. After all it was my life. A night’s thought and the next day I decided to go with it. After all what’s the harm in studying in a institute which few knew it would solve my purpose of being anonymous –which was my sole concern those days. So I turned up all ready for the orientation of the college we were in IT 12 people at that time immediately I made friends with Niraj, Kaushal, Ronal, Dobhal and Hemen.It wasn’t like instant super bonding but yes they were nice and I thought atleast there are good people whom I can relate to.Dobhal was funny, Kaushal was TALL, Ronal pretty plain like me and lest of all Niraj whom I still consider one of the most flamboyant alpha males to have walked the college halls. With Hemen I shared the same dialect which was a pretty strong bond and the rest were nice the people in the other departments.

Then it was the turn of those months which changed our lives forever. The classes fell in line I still remember the first question Reena Mam asked the moment she entered our class “What was a computer?” Infact for the rest of the week every subject teacher started with the same question apart from just Krishna Mam who taught us network theory. And the whole week we struggled to come up with a perfect answer since for most of us me atleast -A computer was a device in which you played Delta Force until your hands pained! July gave away to August and then September and then slowly the months started giving away until our first semester exams were scheduled. And in the midst of all this the first traits of college life began to appear. Friendships were built and broken, crushes were happening all around and in the middle of all this gossip mongers had a field day .All these burdened with studies was really what college life was all about. After all we were all adults now ready to take on the world.

Days went by and so did months and at the by 2006 June we all had ended our first year in college. The new session started in 2006 and we were all excited now because now we would be going in as seniors .We used to discuss it for hours and hours how we will talk to the juniors. Infact as the new admissions day came near there was a palable excitement everywhere .And soon it happened a new batch arrived and we went to get introduced to them the first chance we got! It was termed ragging I don’t know whether its correct or not but at that point it was all right I felt as long as we didn’t cross the line .After all college life was all about unity and friendship and whose side who was on as we had seen in the past few months. There was a new buzzword LOYALTY groups were forming everywhere it was no longer college now it was us against them it was all about whose side you are on.

Everyday there was a sense of excitement as we all entered the college daily now we were people now with our own band of groups .College was all about politics now of who did what and what not. And soon serious differences began to occur among the boys. Girls were as usual neutral after all that’s what girls are known for! Over the next year and a half this stance took serious shape as we all endured the pain of exams and results of disbelief of tension and most of all, all these together which shaped our college life. Exams came and went and by the time we reached third year we had started getting serious about what we all wanted to do. People started taking up tuitions, coaching’s and every sort of opportunity as the end was near now. The old groupism too started fading away as people became just friends again and it was all a happy tale. And finally we arrived at these crossroads where in a few months time we will walk out of these corridors for the last time as students. There is a touch of sadness as we all know we will be leaving and when the end is near we all feel sad .This college life would be no more but then memories will linger on.

There were a few who ridiculed me when I joined this institute in the beginning most of the rebuke coming from my own family! Others thought we wouldn’t make it neither me nor this college .Still others thought all this was a farce a big lie. But then today I stand back and look at them with a touch of happiness in my eyes. I grew with this college so much so that today am proud to be a member of this institute. It gives me immense pleasure when I stand to speak in inters college events and I spell out my college name. And then every time I walk out, my friends walk out winners we know we have just etched the four letters SEMC in their hearts one more time. In this I would like thank my juniors my seniors and most of all the teachers without whom this journey would have had never been fruitful. I don’t think I will ever need to mention my friends we all had our ups and downs our own struggles and what not; but what makes me happy is that after these 4 years we are still together. It is fun when you are favorite to win a race but it is better when you win the race as a underdog and this college taught us what we SEMCins did the best – won as underdogs. I am an engineer to the guy next street because of this college.

People ask me why you love SEMC and I answer –

“Sometimes when the going gets tough and everything is on line that’s when you don’t hear the crowd and the noise .That’s when it’s just you against just some other individual to see who is the better one .That’s what I like about being in this college because here at this moment you are your friend you are your enemy!”

Dedicated to all my friends, seniors, juniors teachers

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