Friday, June 18, 2010

RAAVAN-flop of the decade

The movie which had been touted as a forgone hit well definitely not be a hit.There are just so many loopholes to the movie that I literally got a headache.Weak performance and a weak storyline was what was terrible the most.Coming to the basic review -

1. Poor characterization of actors,Barring Vikram to an extent rest of the characters were pretty weak.Abshiekh tried too hard Ash was well ash no acting just crying with some immaculate;ate makeup and some designer torn clothes .i wonder what was the fascination with yellow in the first half.Ravi Kishen and Govinda was passable ;although Govinda tried hard too do justice to his role.Nikhil Dwivedi got very few frames to be mentioned worthwhile.But it was the lead cast which was terrible the most.

2. The storyline.the director was confused in too many ways.he couldn't give proper framework or a definite line.he wanted to create a modern classic of our times but ended up creating something which gave us headache.there were so many confusions.Like what were the people on whom it was filmed ..were they villagers or adivasis.Mani Ratnam didn't seem to know the difference between viallgers and adivasi.

Secondly he couldn't decide what story t give primacy was it the love track between ash and abhi or the adivasi police the end it semmed to be a hurried attempt of a modern day Ramayana with the adivasi angle pushed in forcibly.

The movie was too loud too intense in the pursuit of actually trying to give effects he gave us a pure headache.

3. Just why did they use so many songs.It was so superficial every 10 minutes there was a track being played in the background which was very very irritating.

The only saving grace was the cinematography.In this department it was good rest just everything fell apart.

In the end an attempt to create a serious intense epic out of a plot of Ramayana with role reversals turned out to be Mani Ratnams greatest undoing till date.

Don't go for Robin Hood instead.

The only saving grace

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