Sunday, January 24, 2010


This season Sherlock Holmes generated quite a lot of buzz.After spectacular performances in the Iron Man series and Tropic Thunder Robert Downey Jr is the toast of this season and he lives up to that reputation in this movie. Sherlock Holmes casting Robert ,Jude Law and Rachel McAdams is certainly a mvie to watch out for.Not entirely a classic; however it is the toast of this season.

First the story ,the story is not that interesting. A black magic artist Lord Henry Blackwood( played amazingly by British theater artist Mark strong) is put to the gallows by Sherlock and watson only to rise from the dead and create havoc on London as well as on Sherlock.He claims to possess mystical powers which makes him invincible and rise from the dead .The rest of the movie pretty much revolves around Sherlock unlocking the mystery of this unique case and finding the logical conclusion behind the happenings.There is a fleeting reference to M which makes Sherlock fans jump in joy because it pretty much hints towards a sequel in the near future.

Guy Ritchie has done an amazing task in directing this movie ,although not in the class of Snatch or even Rock A Rolla however Sherlock Holmes is its own unique style.The Victorian dark cinematography is pulsating and the riveting music adds to the class of the movie.The chemistry between Watson and Sherlock is amazing and you can just go wow with the ease and elan the two actors have brought to life the legendary friendship. Rachel McAdams is pretty much a right choice for a toughnut while Mark Strong gets better with every dark role that he plays ( cant wait to see him in Robin Hood).Overall I would say its the perfect flavour this season go for it

You will come out saying Elementary my dear Watson Guy Ritchie knows how to make a great cinema out of great literature.