Friday, December 18, 2009


First of all if I would have to give this movie stars I would give it 5 out of 5.Why because James Cameroon has made watching a movie an event .The first time we saw Pandora in the big multiplex screen we all screamed wow.

Where to start about the movie.The acting ;well new face Sam Worthington did pretty well in the role of Jack Sully who later on turns as the saviour of the planet in the form of his avatar.The rest of the cast is pretty evenly matched with each actors filling the frame well.I feel Michelle Rodriguez has got style;e in every movie that she plays part.She always lives up to her image of the mean lady and manages to create an impression every time .I think she is one of the most underrated actresses of Hollywood today.Zoe Saldana as the voice of " Neytiri" is brilliant as well.

The next thing to talk about is of course what the world waited for the graphics and man they were brilliant.Every time they showed a tree a plant an animal a scene it took your breath away.You stood glued to the screen afraid to look to your side for the fear that you might lose a second of the breathtaking visuals that the movie was giving us.The floating mountains the animals the tree of soul everything was just so brilliant that you wished we lived i a world like this.This movie actually makes you think that you might want to trade this life of machines and fast food and everything else to be in the forests to be near nature.The way the nature has been projected is bretahtaking a million times over.

The third aspect is the story of course.Well on surface the story isn't that great its the typical story of greed and how good wins or evil. What actually however makes the movie stand out is the deep underlying message that it conveys.The relation Man must have with nature and how because of our greed we are destroying nature.Even if you have to kill you do it with respect so as to keep the balance of the nature intact.This was one aspect of the movie which made me treat it with something much more than a mere visual entertainer.The music was brilliant as well and I would will definitely buy its soundtrack the way the african sounds were mixed gave the movie an amazing edge.

On the whole its a total winner for me.The best compliment however came form our driver who had gone to catch the movie with me and my friends The moment we entered outside the hall he looked back and said " THIS IS A MOVIE A CLASSIC' and the poor guy doesn't understand English.Goes to show just how powerful AVATAR is ...get a hold of it to night if you can.

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