Friday, October 9, 2009


It came as a shock to the civil society undoubtedly worldwide as the 2009 Noble Peace Prize winner was declared to be Barack Obama.9 months was all that he gone into presidency and immediately he was given such a huge award which even the likes of Mahatma Gandhi failed to achieve in their lifetime.To understand this we must understand the condition in which the committee might have taken the decision in his favour.

When he came into power he came with the slogan of change.The initial reaching out to the Muslims nations ,the address at Egypt and the attitude towards the Guantanamo Bay were all positive signs.But then there were measures which would question his credibility the prolongment of the Afghansitan war for instance.

When we define world peace we must understand in what context do we talk about world peace.World Peace is a relative term where people try to bring a consensus maybe in trouble torn areas and talk .Now what Barack Obama has does is not bargain world peace but bargained peace for United States .The Muslim fundamentalists do not have a worldwide agenda anywhere to destroy the whole world apparently their prime concern is USA.So in allying with the Muslim world Obama has tried to quell the fears back home ?Is that really a action of world peace.

One of the most trouble torn regions in the world is the west Asia crisis and the African conflicts.Now in the African conflicts; America rarely has a view point to offer since it does not fulfill the goals of market for their capitalist culture.In the West Asia crisis Israel was merely warned with no further talk of sanctions .I mean one nation that undermines world peace is undoubtedly Israel .There is a huge humanitarian crisis in Israel- Palestine border everyday including the Gaza strip.The real victory would have some definite conclusions to the Gaza and the Palestine border problem.The absence of America form the International Conference against Racism is itself a pointer in this regard that while on pen and paper the USA has warned Israel still it supports Israel in reality in every sense.The reaching out to the Muslim world is another ploy to actually reach out to Iran because it can emerge as a threat to the US itself as also it is a major player in the Muslim world .Thus it is another goal to consolidate American interests rather than a talk about world peace.

One of the most shocking incidents was Obama refusing to host the Dalai Lama this year at Washington.IN choosing not to host the Dalai Lama he has sent a powerful message to China that he is willing to negotiate and be partners with it of course at the cost of millions suffering in Tibet.

The biggest test however would have been the Copenhagen Summit 2009 which will decide the climate future of the world .Climate change is the true global issue which will direct the course of foreign policies in the times to come .If Obama would have been able to guide the world better in this forum no doubt he would have been counted as one of the greatest leaders of the world.

Thus by this decision to Barack Obama the Noble Peace Prize committee has not only put a question of how do we actually define world peace but also put a doubt on the role of the committee itself .


  1. Its however not a joke to declare Nobel prize to Obama this year but definitely a step taken in "hurry." He just gave 2-3 speeches on non proliferation of nuclear bombs and disarmament.I dont think even he ordered to destroy single of his atom bomb from his nuclear depot having lakhs of nuclear bombs.I think Nobel Committee will regret for this "hurry" as they always regret for Gandhiji(he was not awarded by committee)in case of delay.

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  2. Agree wth you broh that is the major problem