Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Lost Symbol -A reveiw

If we had any doubts regarding Dan Brown,this book dispels it all.In the lost symbol he transcends beyond mere fiction he takes us into a journey which unites every religion everyman.In these modern time where man meets women is a bestseller a classic ,this book outlives and outline all of them.It sets standards of its own and very high ones.It does not encompass the usual page by page potboiler rather he crafts a lucid masterpiece.

The Lost Symbol takes place in Washington DC instead of all his earlier pursuits which were based in Europe .It deals with Freemasons and its mark in Washington DC.In this book Dan Brown thorugh his character rather tries to dispel the generally associated doubts about Freemasons.He calls them A society with secrets instead of a secretive society. Langdon is called by his old time friend Peter Solomon ,a Grandmaster of the highest degree of the Freemasons;to help him deliver a lecture at the Capitol Hill ,Washington DC.Robert however arrives just in time to witness the start of a horror drama.Peter has actually been kidnapped by a man who know wants to usher in his power in the world.Robert has to assist the CIA OS director Sato -a little Japanese women in helping them nab this lunatic who now holds key to the future.In the midst of all this is Katherine Solomon a brilliant young scientist who has actually been a trailblazer the field of Noetic Science encouraged by her brother Peter Katherine had pursued the field of Noetic Science hoping to find answers to all the question that humanity asks itself in a bid to lessen teh distance between man and God.Katherine too is pulled into the madman scheme as the events unfold.But the drama part ends there.

The antagonist is soon identified however the line Dan Brown takes after that is appreciable.Instead of ending the book at that point he takes us all into a spiritual journey.Rarely has a book that too a fictional work made us believe in the existence of the god and this book does that.Through the eyes of Freemasons the author tries to make us the see the truth about the relation between man and god.He shows what the true teachings of the ancient scriptures are and tries them to make sense in the chaotic world today.If it wasnt for these last pages The Lost Symbol would have been an average read but the ending makes Dan Brown efforts extraordinary.As the character says: There is little difference between man and god it is just that man has forgot he is divine.

Read it its the experience of a lifetime.A total 5 stars simply for the ending.

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