Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I would say us Brahmins as a class have been subjected to fiercest criticism than ever.It is accused that Brahmins is the worst kind of hate spreader in modern India.I never knew of this fact until I went to the JNU Campus in Delhi.I saw a particular writing on the hostel walls which I found funny

" Brahmins have form times immemorial harassed others .Parasuram(a sage) killed a 1000 non Brahmins and his stories are told to Brahmin kids today"

I was shocked because my whole life I have been a Brahmin and in my whole life my parents or my grandparents never harped on that particular aspect of Parasuram.I went on to find that there is a massive hatred atleast on the walls I thought would set the record straight.

First of all in ancient times Brahmins did contribute a lot to the society and by that I don't mean religious scriptures only.The Brahmins were masters in bringing society together.When they were given land grants by kings in forests they came to realize ..problems were galore.There were various warring tribes who wouldn't listen to each other.So there was no stability in the society.The Brahmins hit upon a plan which was amazing they build a common temple like structure and put the deities of all the tribes in one places.Slowly people from all tribes started coming here and then finally peace regained. This is what the priest did.

Coming in to the modern times today am ridiculed by some for first of all my sacred thread.They think this is some serious dope some shit some harping back on some old stupid culture.I beg to differ with them.i belong to that class which has RHCP and LP stacked up in the music desk along with books of geeta.I belong to that class which goes to McDonald's but then never forget to change the thread before a puja.I belong to that class which believes that my identity is not me my dad but my seven generations right from Kannauj to Assam .I believe in myself when I see my seven generations their names recorded in the palm leaves of the Kamakhya temple.Am I arrogant about it I am not.Am I proud about it yes I am.My best friend is a Muslim guy Tousif yet I still do the "Sandhya ' three times a day.I light candles in mosques yet I never touch food before a puja.

Yes I am filled with travesties yes I am about extremes now yes I am changing yes Brahmanism is changing.But this is what Brahmanism has always been about change ...we are changing for tomorrow. I never argued we are the leaders i have never advocated that we want reservation.I have never believed we should not mix with people who are not Brahmins.All I believe is my tradition my culture.The culture which is seven generations old; the culture which is in the form of three small sindoor smears in top of my laptop.The culture which is epitomized by my bowing the head across every temple I come in the way.

Do I think I wil go wrong ?No because tomorrow I wil be answering to my 7 generations who will be looking up to me and asking.......Did you have the guts to stand for the right?

I would look to them and say YES I AM PROUD TO BE A BRAHMIN


  1. what is there to be proud of ? Have you in any way contributed to it?
    I agree no has a right to degrade you because you are a brahmin,but what pride are you talking about?

  2. "The Brahmins were masters in bringing society together"
    you need to justify this statement- what evidence do you have of this?
    and oh btw,my parents also belong to the same caste as you

  3. did u see my statement regarding tribals u wil understand!!!okeis odrwaise go to some standard history text and am not saying Brahmins are better tahn anyone else but man they are nt the worst!

  4. plus if u are in the JNU campus seeing that particulr writing then u wil be forced to repli.....okies !!!hmm