Monday, July 6, 2009

ARTICLE 377 -judgement and fallout.

The recent Court Verdict has as expected drawn remarks from various quaters.People whom i doubt ever knew that article existed are expressing their displeasure about it.NGO's as usual are taking the opposite stance ;after all that is what NGO's do these days go aginst the tide and get published in the paper about you being a crusader.A crusader for the human cause.

My first question is to the homosexuals.We all are living in a democratic society and although there maybe a few talks yet I have never felt that this needed to be decried in such a manner.I mean you love someone and it doesnt matter to anyone true a few fools might comment on you but otherwise this is India none cares ..hell people dont care if 100 die in a terrosist attck ..why should they care if you date a boy.The so callled gay emancipation as being judiciosuly reported these days in all newspapers was on right tarck but this verdict which tried to act as a catalyst might exactly go against them.True life is not easy but then I feel this would not make thier life easier rather the moral police brigade and even the general public would start veiwing them as a mortal enemy.People who never knew homosexuals mattered will now take sides and mostly it is going to be agaisnt them.In this day when dog bites man in breaking news ;media will play its part in forming public opinion against them by actually trying to form public opinion for them.It would have been better if things worked at the pace they were working.I fear this jumpstart instead will harm the process of their settling into the social strata.

Havong said so let us move to next actor the religious leaders.Every religon except the Buddhists monk have criticised this move.,I am unable to comprehend why are they bothered .I mean when did god concern himself with your sexual prefernces.Our religious leaders have defined india on the basis of vedas and korans and that is the best part!Every religious leader is decrying that i is against Indian culture,Oh pardon me but the last time I checked breaking temples,setting trains on fires,Firey speeches against the nation isnt very much part of our culture either.Yet we saw riots ...our religios leaders couldnt form a consensus definition on God then but today in the homosexuals they have found a common enemy intersting is that.When religon was all about undesrtanding the beauty of life it ahs turned into governing your prefernces.So much for God.

The third triade is of course politicians.I think India is really the land of the oppurtunist .Nowhere in the world will we find oppurtunists so great as in India.As soon as the verdict was made almost all the prominent leaders were seen denoucning it.Well I never saw them denouncing dowry death or rape so voraciously.Where was all this fire to save Indian culture when one girl was raped by 7 boys.Where was that big talk then about being the custodians of Indian culture,Oh no we were busy then because it didnt seem so oppurtunistic at that time.Hell here we have a minority in the homosexuals who can be utilised as a threat to garner the votes of the masses.I am pretty sure soon someone will come up with the catchline how dangerous homosexuals are ,,,,,to save you give us vote in return.

This is 377 for you people prespective


  1. fire filled and thought provoking.
    yes alternate sexualities have become the target of tainted india's face for all opportunists. "dangerous homosexuals"? ah we already have sexualities lampooned in films like dostana, kal ho na ho. made tittilatingly obscene in works like girlfrn and yes burned out when treated with a serious approach. i still remember the fires caused by fire.
    all this when our nation has more pressing issues to address and real loads of muck to clean up.
    let consensual sex be a matter of personal choice. we need a lot of decriminalizing in mindsets- not just about sec377 but also in terms of how not to abuse the power of public speech as has been done by many a leader- political/religious or otherwise. as your post so rightly points out.
    i stand by your perspective. good job.

  2. Thanks and yes am pretty sure the most who will try to gain out of this are the politicians with the dangerous homosexuals card!

  3. Your viewspoints on the article hv been well expressed...its a very debatable issue...gr8 going...hp to read more of ur write ups...go IBU!!!

  4. what i don't understand is why do people give a fuck about homosexuals. 377 was redundent anyway.


  5. actually no, Nothingman, 377 wasnt redundant when it came to being used as a tool for control...i can tell u that for sure. in the few yrs of working and associating with people who support and/or practice forms of alternate sexualities i have learnt of the powers of the seemingly redundant 377 and as Ibu's post shows, its powers still stand though its been changed in our favour. if it were that redundant, it wouldnt be such a potent issue for political and religious agendas of the petty self centered crowd.

  6. religious leaders coming together politicins testing the waters itself indicates that it is here to stay wth deeminig effects