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Strting this month I will upload question papers for help of all individuals..please leave your comments as well:





    1)Which of the following missile is based on re entry technology necessary for long range missile     

           (a)Prithvi                                   (b)Akash 

           (c)Agni                                      (d)K-15


    2)  AAD-02 is specially linked with which of the following field?

       (a)Vaccine for AIDS                     (b)Space technology 

       (c)Missile technology                    (d)UN environmental programme


3)  a.DRDO has established a credible missile shield against incoming cruise missile from   a            .        adversial country.

     b.Earlier only Russia,US&Isreal has a ability to intercept ballistic missile.

  Choose the correct one


4) Which of the following HPC has maximum floating point operations a second?

              a.PARAM 8000              b.PARAM 20000   

              c.PARAM PADAM       d.PARAM YUVA


5) Which of the following is related with national computing grid initiative under C-DAC

                 a.JATAN                               b.PARAM YUVA   

                 c.GARUDA                           d.GIST    


6) Which of the foffowing is used in Rajya sabha as a tool for translation of ...,bulleteins debates,papers etc?

                   a.TEJHAS                          b.BOSS 

                   c..MANTRA                     d.ONCONET 


7)Who among the following countries were the co chairs of Oslo Peace Process 2002?

      1.  EU  2. .Japan   3. .France   4. Norway     5..Sweden     6..US


8)Under somatic cell nuclear transfer

(1)Nucleus is removed from an oocyte & replaced with the nucleus from donor animal or persons who is cloned.

(2)After fertilization the resulting embryo carries mostly the DNA from egg cell

Choose the correct one


      9)Indo French relations     (choose the incorrect one )

a.France is the second country with which India has signed its commercial nuclear deal after Russia

b.French company AREVA will supply two FBRs plant to be built at jaitapur in Maharastra time of the reactor will be 40 yrs


    10)The Genus Philatus or tree frogs was discovered in India 1854,they are mainly found in

a.Andaman &Nicobar island                                                   b.Western ghats

c.Sunderbans                                                                            d.Nilgiri hills


11)Consider the following statement & choose the correct one .

a.ICC was created under the Atlantic Charter after Second world war

b.ICC adjudicate the disputes between the governments

c.India  accepts ICC jurisdiction.


12)Consider the following statement   & choose the correct one

a.Jeev Milkha Singh was the winner of European tour order of merit

b. Golf   world championship is going to be held at Dubai


13)Which of the following institution has recently received AS9100 certificate

a.ISRO        b.DRDO       c.BATL             d.C-DAC


14)Recently first model e-court in country is launched in which state?

a.Maharastra          b.Gujrat         c.Kerala           d.Rajasthan


15)Recently Indian army has conducted largest ever amphibious exercise on the Madhabpur beach of  Gujarat,name of the exercise is

a.Exercise Triveni-2009          b.Exercise Tropex 2009  

c.Exercise Trumphet 2009       d.exercise San gam 2009


16)According to the recent CSO surveys which of the following sectors will show growth in coming fiscal years?

a.manufacturing       c.mining & querring


17)Which of the following company has form a joint venture with Bank of India & union banking of India in insurance sector?

a.Quu-comm         b.Dai-ichi       c.Dalmer groups          d.L&T firms


      18)Match the following

         Leaders                                              parties

Benjamin Netanhyahu                   yisrael beiteinu

Ehud   barak                                kadima

Tzipi liuini                                  likud

Avigdor liebrman                      labour


19)Choose the correct one

a.ICC womens world cup 09 is going to be held in Newzealand

b.Anjum Chopra  is  the capt.  of team India in  ICC women world cup


      20)In which of the following country earth summit is going to be held?

       a.Netherland      b.Denmark      c.Sweden          d.Austria


      21)Which of the following committee is related with checking of ragging in the colleges?

      a. Ganguly committee                                                   b .Moily committee

      c. Jst KT Thomas& Fali Nariman committee            d.  Raghavan Cmmittee


22) 35th National games are going to be held in

a.Jarkhand     b.Chattisgarh               c.Kerala                             d.Goa


23)Consider the following & choose the correct one .

a.Bharat Ratna award comprises a certificate signed by president  of India & medaillion  signed by senior beuct.

b.Last persons to receive this award were L.Mangeskar & Ustad Bismillah Khan

c.Till now six persons from Art & Culture has received Bharat Ratna


24)Who among the following music exponent has won Grammy Award two times for his creation Planet drum & global Drum?

a.Pdt.Vishwa Mohan              b.Ronu Mozumdar

c.Ustd Allah Rakha                d.Ustd Zakir Hussain


25)Match the following

         Exponent                           dances

a.Gayendra pande               chinibas mahto

b.Malvika maitra                odissi

c.K.D.goswami                     Bharat Natyam

d.Geeta Chandran               Kathak


26)Recently the ministry of communication initiated the third phase of a project for upgrading the infrastructure of post offices

a.Project dak     b.Project arrow     c.Project SEVA       d   none of the above


27)Consider the following statement

a. CharlesDarwin was born in Ireland

b. In “on the origin of spices”expounded the idea evolutionary theory of human

c. In “The descent of man” he expounded the idea of evolution by natural selection


28)Which of the following scheme of ministry of overseas Indian affair(MOIA)will provide boarding and lodging for distressed Indian in the domestic sector & unskilled labour

a.ECR      b.ICWF       c. PIO card  d.OIC           


29)Which of the following has received Sangeet Natak Akademi  Ratna award

a.Sitara Devi     b.Bhupen Hazarika   c.R.C.Mehta      d.Khaled Choudhary


30)Match the following

             Leaders                                            Countries

Cristina Fernandes                                     Equador

Filipe Calderon                                           Mexico

Rafel Correa                                                Argentina

Michelle Bachelt                                          Chile


31)what was the theme of the world economic forum annual meeting 2009 at Davas,Switzerland

a.New world economic order after crisis               b.Shaping the post crisis world

c.Regulating Capitalism                                          d.Neoliberalism &its alternatives


32)Who among the following is appointed as general counsel & senior policy advisor at OMB & budget at white house

a. Neel kr. Katayal        b.Preeta Bansal    c.Abhinav Bhasin         d.Shashi Agarwal


33)India’s 1st asset reconstruction company which focuses on NPA’s of micro,small & medium enterprises would be under which bank.

a.SBI      b.SIDBI      c.ICICI          d.Bank of India


34)Recently CrPC amendment bill is passed which amended section 41 of CrPc.This amendment is made on the recommendation of which of the following committee?

a.Justice Thomas & FalivNariman committee            b.Justice Pathak committee

c.Malimath Commiittee                                                 d B K Chaturvedi committee.


35)If a president proclaims emergency under art356 he can made the following proclamation

a.may declare that the power of the legislature of state shall be exercisable by the parliament

b.he can keep state assembly under suspended animation

c.he may assume to himself all or any of the power vested in the govt

Choose the correct one


36)Which is the first country to sign a contract for purchasing the indigeniously made Dhruv helicopter?

a.Equador     b.Brazil      c.Malayasia        d.Srilanka


37)The two stage satsllite launch rocket,called the Safir-e-omid has been launched by which country

   a.  Saudi Arab       b.Iran     c. Turkey   d.  Egypt  .


38) A:Ganga plain is the most densely populated part of India

      R:Ganga is the most harnessed river of India


39)The term ARYAN denotes

a. An ethnic group      b.a nomadic people    c.a linguistic  group       d.a superior race


40)HINDALCO ,an aluminium factory located at Renukut owes its site basically to

a.Proximity of raw materials                  b.Proximity to the networks

c.Proximity to the market                       d.Abundent supply of power


41)A:The eastern coast of India produces more rice than  the western coast

      R:the eastern coast receives more rainfall than the western coast


42) :Which is the most accurate method of representing relief features?

               a.Contours    b.Hachures     c.Layer colouring       d.Hill shading


43) Consider the following statement & choose the correct one .

       a. Largest producer of silk in world is China .

        b. India is the only country in the world produce all varieties of silk

        c. India is the second largest producer of Tabacco in the world .


44) a. CEC is the exoffico  Chairman of election commission .

       b.CEC enjoys the veto power

  c. EC are appointed by President on the recommendation of CEC.


45) Consider following statement & choose the correct one .

     a. National park is generally species oriented .

      b. Sanctuary reserved area meant for preserving natural vegetation ,wildlife &

           natural beauty .

      c. Biosphere is to preserve genetic diversity of ecosystem


46) Match the following 

              National park                         Speciality

        a.Gahrimatha                             Olive Ridley

        b. Bhitarkanika                           Gangetic dolphin

        c. Nandankanan                           salt water crocodile

        d. National Chambal Sanct.        White tiger 


47)Most of the explosions in mines occur due to the mixing of

     a. Hydrogen with oxygen          b. Oxygen with acetylene      

     c. Methane with air                   d. Carbon dioxide with ethane.


 48) Who organized the society called Abhinav Bharat .

        a. Ajit Singh  b.Har Dayal  c. Shayamji Krishan Verma  d. V.D. Savarkar .


49) Match the following

             Organisation                      Year Founded 

         a. Landholder Society                    1838

          b. British Indian Association        1851          .

        . c. Madras Native Association       1852

         d.  The Indian Association              1876 


50) Consider the following statement  :

        1. Attempt on the life of judge Kingsford .         2 Shooting of District Magistrate Jackson                            .       3.    Tebhaga movement                                        4 Murder of Lt Ayerst .

Put them in chronological order

a.      1,2,4,3  b.4,2,1,3  c. 1,3,4,2  d. 4,3,1,2.


51).Put them in correct chronological order .

       1. August Offer  2. Cripps Mission  3. Simila Conference  4. Cabinet Mission Plan


52)  1. In his Home Rule Movement Tilak linked up the question of Sawaraj with the demand                  .          for theformation of linguistic States and Education in Vernacular.

       2.  Annie Beseant League has pan Indian character & was tightly organized .

                  a. only 1  b. only  2    c. both 1&2  are correct        4. both 1&2 are wrong .


53) Consider the following event . (set them in correct chronological order  )

      1. Formation of Home Rule League

      2. Tilak sentenced to six year of deportation on charges of sedition .

      3  Formation of Ghadar party at Sanfrancisco .

      4 Gandhi’s Champaran Satyagraha


54) Rabindranath Tagore suggested that the date of partition of Bengal be

          Observed as an occasion .

a.      solidarity day  b. rakhi bandhan c. Black day d. brotherhood day .


55) Recently govt has launched a Project similar to Projct Tiger & Project Elephant .

       It is related to which animal .

  1. Crocodile  b Kashmiri stag  c. Snow Leopard  d. Single horned rhino


56) Ferari has announced that it would carry an Indian company’s logo on its F1 cars in 2009

       Session .Name of the company is

  1. Arcelor Mittal  b. TATA  c  Infosys  d. Wipro


57) Which art of Indian consti is responsible release of grants for govt scheme such as

        MPLADS , SSA, Mid Day Meal Scheme etc.

a.      Art 281     b. Art 282      c. Art 283           d. Art 284


58) Consider following statement regarding GST .  (choose the correct one )

      1. It is state for implementation by April 1 2010 .

      2. There will be dual GST ie a central GST & GST by state .

      3. Petroleum products would be out of GST regime .


59) FAO has declared year 09 as an international year  for which crop .

         a. Potato   b. Jute     c. Cotton   d.  Wool.


60) India has completed Delaram –Zarang  highway project in Afghanistan . It is

       .located  in which part of Afghanistan .

               a.North Afghanistan   b.South Afghanistan  c.West Afghanistan   d.East Afghanistan


61)Jute is extracted from the skin of which of the following crop

        a.Melliteus Phylla                                        b.Corchorus Plant                       .      .                 .             .       c.   Swatapper lax                                         d.Sorghum plant


62)Which  of the following committee is related with financial sector reform

a.Santham committee                                  b.Raghuram Rajan committee  

c.Narasimha committee                              d.None of these


63)Which of the following phenomenon is used byCIXS on Chandriyan1 to detect elements in soil?

a.X ray reflection                                      b.Gamma reflection 

c.X ray fluorescence                                d.Gamma fluorence


64)Japan has launched first satellite dedicated to monitoring greenhouse gas emissions ,its name is

a.GEOSAT          b.GOSAT            c.GEMSET                d.GMSAT


65)Match the following

        Personality                              field

Ramchandra guha                   writer

Shekhar gupta                          historian

S Bahuguna                              journalism

D  Jayakanthan                       Environmentalist


66)Who  among the following is the first chancellor of Sweden based world Maritime University?

a.C.K.Prahalad                                           b.Chandrika Prasad

c.D.P.Chattopadhya                                   d.G.Sivarama Krishna Murthy


67)Choose the incorrect one

Nurbayyev Nursultan President of Kazakstan was the chief guest at republic day parade

1.India & kazakstan signed extradition treaty

2.An agreement was done between ONGC mittal energy & Kazprom for exploration of Sataayev block

3.India proposed setting up fertilizer plant & an enterprenureship development centre in kazakstan


68)Project Arun 3(Nepal) & Project Kolongchu & Wangchu bagged by Sutlej jal vidyut nigam it is a joint venture between power ministry &

a.UP govt                    b.Himachal Pradesh               c.Punjab              d.J&K govt


69)Match the following

            Components                   purposes

                 1.  TMC                  Atmosphere

                 2.  MSAR               Images of lunar surfaces

                 3.  MIP                    Chemical & mineral at moon

                 4. CIXS                  Look inside the dark crater of moon


70)Choose the correct

a.Rafel Nadel has won 6 grand slam titles

b.Roger federer has won 13 grand slam titles

c.Mahesh Bhupatti has won 11 grand slam titles    

d.Sonia mirza has won only 1 grand slam titles


71)Fill up the gaps

    Institution                                                  Location


Rail coach factory                           ---------------------------

Central tobacco reseach inst           ---------------------------

Centralised IT processing

Centre                                              ----------------------------

NARI                                               ----------------------------

Tuberculosis reseach institute       ----------------------------

72)Fill up

  Events                               Winner                       Places


Punjab gold cup        ----------------------      -----------------

Ranji Trophy            ----------------------      -----------------

Asia junior squash

Championship          -----------------------     -----------------


73)Write ten words on each

1.Operation Cast Lead:


2.Morgan Tsvangiri:


3.S. Ramakrishnan:


4.Zillur Rahman


5.V.K. Saraswat:


6.Kuldip goel:


7.Abhijeet Vejajeeva:




9.Thomas Lubango Dyila:


10.J. Hari Narayan:


11.Wajahat Habibullah:








15.Chesely Sullenburger:


16.Sustainable development ledership award,09:


17.Ganguly committee:






20.Surya Shekhar Ganguly:


21.Yuki Bhambri:


22.Anuradha swahney







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