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       TEST 5     



Q1 Consider the following statements & choose the correct one

        1 The Council of Ministers of a state in India is collectively as well as individually 

            Responsible to the Legislative Assembly of state .

        2 The Governor of the state has the power to appoint Members of state service 

             Commissions .

     (a). only 1   (b) only 2 (c) both 1 &2  (d) neither 1 nor 2 .


Q2 The Comptroller & Auditor – General  of India has the power to audit which of the


1.      All expenditure from the Contingency Fund & Public Account of the Union .

2.      All expenditure from the Contingency Fund & the Public Account of a state .

3.      All expenditure from the Consolidated Fund of each Union Terittory having a Legislative Assembly of its own .

4.      Accounts of all government companies set up under the Indian Company Act .

      Select the collect one

(a)   1,2,3 & 4   (b) Only 1& 2   (c) Only 3& 4  (d) 1,2&3 . 


Q3 The President of India may from time to time fix the number of Election Commisioners of     .      the Election Commission of India on the basis of

             (a). Advice of CEC   (b). Advice of PMO  (c). Recommendation of Union Law Ministry

                (d) The Law made in this respect by the Parliament .


Q4  Consider the following statement  & choose the correct one .

(a)   The main function of the Public Accounts Committee is to examine the report of CAG

(b)   The Public Accounts Committee comprises Members of Lok Sabha only.

(c)    A member of opposition can also be appointed as the Chairman of the Public Account committee.

(d)   A member of the Public Accounts Committee can be re elected for second term .


Q5  Which of the following is a defence sector undertaking 

1.      Bharat Dyanamics Ltd .  2 Mishra Dhatu Nigam ltd. 3. Bharat Earth Movers Ltd.

(a)   Only 1  (b) Only 1& 2  (c) 1,2 & 3   (d) none of the above


Q6 Whenever the Governor of a state has to address the state legislature , who among the

       Following prepares his address.

(a)   Chief sec. of the states                       (c) Chief Minister & his council of minister

(b)   Speaker of legislative assembly         (d) Governor himself  . 


Q7 Consider the following & choose the correct one

      1.Zero based budgeting is useful for comparing programmes & assisting financial decision .         makers .

      2. Zero base budgeting involves allocation of resourses to agencies based on periodic

           Re – evaluation by those agencies of the need for different programmes .

(a)   Only 1  (b) Only 2 (c) Both 1& 2 (d) Neither 1& 2 .


Q8 In case of difference of opinon amongst the CEC & other Election Commissioner of India

(a)   the matter is to be referred to the Supreme court of India .

(b)   the opinon of the CEC is final .

(c)    the matter is referred to the Law commission

(d)   the matter is decided by election commission by majority .


Q9 Consider the following  regarding NRGEA & Choose the correct one . 

  1. Ensure self employment to every house hold whose adult member volunteer to do

Skilled manual work .

  1. The pivotal role in planning, monitoring , & implementation is done by village Panchayat .
  2. In this act participation of 33% women is mandatory .

                       (a) only 1& 3    (b) only 1 & 2     (c) only 2 & 3     (d) 3 only

Q10 Match the following 

            Government scheme                           objectives 

         1. STEP                                         Provide  holistic & integrated services to women in

                                                                Difficult circumstances

         2. Swayamsiddha                          integrated scheme for development & empowerment of


         3. Swadhar                                     Training & employment programme women

         4  Ujjawala                                      Comprehensive scheme for prevention of trafficking


Q 11 Consider the following & choose the correct one .

        1 BPFA ie Beijing decleration & plateform for action was adopted in 5th world conference 

            On women held at Bejing in 1995 .

2.      India  has adopted it without any reservation .

3.      52nd session of committee on status of women was held in March 2008 at New Delhi

(a) All are correct  (b) only 1&2 are correct (c)  only 1& 3 is correct  (d) none of the above


Q12 . Consider the following statement regarding National Commissions for protection of

           Child right . Choose the correct one .

        1Commission has started its functioning  in 2008 .

2   It is a statutory body

3  Its functions are advisory in the same sense as those of National Commission for women

only 1  (b) only 2 (3) only 3 (d) all of the above .


Q13 Consider following statement regarding Right to information

 1 It was enacted by Parliament in the year 2005

 2 In this act a citizen has to establish his locus standi to seek information .

 3 Central Information commission entertains appeal in case of offices, financial institution ,PSU’s etc . of both center & state govt .

             (a)  only 1  (b) only 1 & 3 (c) only 2   (d) all of the above .

Q14 . Match the following

            Institute                                                              Places

     1. ALIMCO                                                              Rorkee .

     2. National Institute of Hydrology                          Kanpur

     3. Indra Ghandhi Uran Akadmi                             Sriperumbedur

     4  Lakshmibai National Institute of Phy Edu.       Gawalior

     5 Rajiv Gandhi National institute of Youth dev.   Fursatganj 


Q15 Which of the following award  is given to honour to sportsman for Lifetime achievements I        in sports & games .

(a) Arjun award                                                   (b) Dhyan Chand award                                            (c) Dronacharya award                                       (d) Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratan award 


Q16 Consider the following statement  & choose the correct one .

1.      Council of Minister in a state shall not exceed 15 % of total membership of L.A

2.      The no. of minister including CM in a state shall not be less then 12 .

3.      Reservation for SC’s  & ,ST’s is also permissible in minority administered institute .

(a)   only 1 & 3  (b) only 1& 2  (c) only 2&3 (d) only 3 .


Q17  Match the following

        Person                                      Institution

    1. Sir Ross Barker                First Indian Chairman of UPSC

    2. H K Kriplani                     First women chairman of UPSC

    3  R. M Bathew                      First woman CEC

    4 V. S. Ramadevi                   First Chairman of UPSC


Q18 Consider the following statement & choose the correct one .

1        Dr Rajendra Prasad is the first President to receive Bharat Ratan Award .

2        Till now six PM had received Bhart Ratan Award .

3        Dr Nelson Mandela is the only non Indian to receive this award

               (a)  1,2,3 is correct  (b) only 1& 3   (c) only 2& 3  (d) only 3


Q19       Match the following

            Govt scheme                               Major emphasis

       1. SGSY                                        Wage employment

       2. SGRY                                        Self employment

       3. PMGSY                                     Infrastructure development

       4. ARWSP                                     Providing basic amenites .


Q20 Consider the following statement & choose the correct one

1.      The age group of the youth as per National youth policy is 18 to 35

2.      Adolescent defined under NPYAD would cover person of age group 10 to 19 .

3.      National Youth Day is celebrated to commerate B’day of Rajiv Gandhi

                 (a)  only 1  (b) only 2 (c) only 3 (d) all of the above .

  Q21 Who started Madras Labour Union .

         (a) Kanji Dawarkadas  & Umar Sobhani         (b) G .R.Naidu & G.C.Chetti

      (c) T.V.K Mudaliar & H.B. Mandavale       (d) C.K .Annadurai & K.T Ramachandran


Q22 Consider following statement & choose the correct one

1.      INA was formed outside the Indian Territory .

2.      INA was formed by inducting Indian prisoner of war

3.      Women formed the part of Indian national Army

(a)1&2 are correct (b) 2&3 are correct (c) 1& 3 are  correct (d) all are correct 

Q23 Put the following in correct chronological sequence 

            .Simla conference 2 Cabinet Mission Plan 3. August offer 4 Cripps Mission .


Q 24   Land Holder Society 2 British Indian Asso. 3. Madras Native Asso  4 The Indian Ass.


 Q25    Lkw session 2 Surat Session 3.Lahore Session 4 Ramgarh Session .


 Q26    Cabinet  Mission Plan 2. Atlee Decleration 3 Wavell Plan  4. Dicke Bird Plan


 Q27     Cripps Mission 2. Quit India Movement 3. Individual Satyagraha 4. August Offer


Q28 The British PM Atlee announced the “Definite intention “ of British Govt to affect the

         Transfer of power to Indians by a date not later than . 

       (a) August 1947  (b) June 1947  (c) Jan 1948  (d) June 1948 .  


Q29 The Viceroy who put the proposal of August offer was

        (a) Wavell  (b) Llinthglow   (c) Willingdon  (d) Brabourne 


Q30 The suggestion of transfer of two Central gov India & Pakistan , on the basis of grant of

         Dominion status was given by

             (a) J L Nehru & Sardar Patel              (b) Gandhi ji & J.L.Nehru 

             (c) Lord Mountbatten &  JL Nehru    (d) Sardar Patel & V.P. Menon


Q31 The first President of AITUC  was

(a)   S.A.Dange  (b) Lala L ajpat Rai  (c) Z.A.Ahmed  (d) N M Joshi



Q32 Which of the following leader is associated with Red Shirt Movement 

(a)   Bhulabhai Desai  (b) Liqat Ali  (c) Sikander Hayat Khan (d) Khan Abdul Gffar Khan



Q33 Who among the following was the President of AITUC in 1929 when it was partioned

(a)   M.N.Roy  (b) S.A.Dange (c) JayaPrakash Narayan (d) J.L.Nehru


Q34 In the election of 1945 , the Muslim League electoral performance in the Muslim reserved

          Constituency had been

(a)   Extremely good  (b) very good (c) good (d) very poor .


Q35 In 1946 , there was a mutiny of Indian Naval Ratings in

(a)   Calcutta  (b) Madras (c) Vishakhapattnam (d) Bombay


Q36 Consider the following statement & choose the incorrect one

(a)   The constitution of  Constituent Assembly was an integral part of Cabinet Mission Plan

(b)   The “objective resolution “adopted by the Constituent Assembly was later incorporated in Preamble in  spirit & language as far as possible

(c)    The members of the Constituent Assembly were directly elected by people

(d)   Sikander Hyat Khan drafted Pakistan resolution .   


Q37 The leader of Home Rule borrowed the term Home Rule from a similar movement in

(a)   Scotland  (b) Finland  (c) USA  (d) Ireland 


Q 38  Match the following

                   British proposal                                                 Main content

1.      August offer                                       Pakistan is possible  

2.      Cripps Mission                                   Dominion status

3.      Cabinet Mission Plan                         Paramontancy of princely state collapsed

4.      3rd June Plan                                       Pakistan is not possible


Q39 Who was the head of the delegation of Congress at Shimla Conference

         (a) JB Kriplani   (b) Maulana Azad  (c) Dr Zakir Hussain (d) Sardar Patel


Q40   Consider the following statement & choose the correct one

(a) Filkins talk was held between Atlee,Cripps, Nehru,& V.P.Menon

 (b)Cripps Mission has only one member , that was Cripps

©The Cabinet Delegation consist of Lord P.Lawerence, Cripps , Mr Alexander & Wavell

(d)Balkan Plan was proposed by Lilinthglow .


Q41 Who among the following Indian journalist has receieved prestigious Loeb award one of

           Of the highest honour in American business journalism.

(a)   John Cherian (b) Sanjay Jha  (c) Surya Gangadharn  (d) P.Sainath


Q42  Match the following

                          States                                 Language Spoken

                   1.Nagaland                         Lepcha ,Bhutia

                   2 J&K                                 Kokborak 

                   3Tripura                             Chang & Lotha   

                  4 Sikkim                               Dogri & Batti,Gojri


Q43 Consider the following statement & choose the correct one

1.      Anges Gonxha Bojaxihu won India’s first Nobel Peace Prize .

2.      Subramaniam Chandrashekhar has won Nobel Prize in Physics for optics.

3.      Two Indian has won Nobel Prize in different field before independence.

(a)   1&2 is correct (b) 2&3 is correct (c) 1&3 is correct (d) 1,2 & 3 are correct .


Q 44 In which of the following state there is no provision foe autonomus district in Tribal

           Area under art 244 .

(a)   Assam  (b) Nagaland  (c) Meghalaya (d) Tripura .


Q45 Which of the following award was added in “Stri Shakti Puruskar “ in 2007 .

        (a) Kannagi award                            (b) Rani Rudramma Devi award 

        (c) Mata Jija Bai award                    (d) Rani G Zeliang


Q46 Consider the following statement & choose the correct one .

1.      Both Mizoram & Nagaland has highest % of ST to total population of state.

2.      Maximum population of ST is in Madhya Pradesh

3.      No community is specified as ST in relation to states of Harayana & Punjab

(a)   only 1&2 is correct (b) only 1&3 is correct (c) only 2&3 is correct (d) All are correct.


Q47  Match the following

                Personality                                         Sports

             1. Achanta S Kamal                       Cricket

             2 Prakash Amritraj                        Squash

             3 Anaka Alankamony                    Table Tennis

             4 Tanmoy Srivastva                       Lawn Tennis 


Q48 Project Gagan is associated with which of the following

(a)   Missile Programme  (b) C-DAC  (c) Civil Aviation (d) Sanitation programme .


Q49 Match the following  

               Factories                                     Sites

           1. Disel Locomotive work            Chittranjan

           2 Rail Coach Factory                    Kapurthala

           3 Rail Wheel Factory                    Bangalore 

           4 Electrnic Locomotive Factory   Varanasi 


Q50 Which of the following river did not drain in to sea ,it lost in desert .

          (a) Dihang   (b) Machhu  (c) Rukni  (d) Dhansiri .


Q51 Which of the following does not come under Finance Ministry  .

   (a) Dept of Expenditure                     (b) Dept of Disinvestment

   (c) Dept of Public Enterprise             (d) Dept of Economic affair


Q52Which of the following statement is correct regarding  BIMSTEC

     1 BIMSTEC was formed in 1997 by , India , Bangladesh , Sri lanka, Thailand.

     2 The Second summit of BIMSTEC was recently held in New Delhi .

     3 During Second summit member states agreed to open Wealth & Climate centre in India

     (a) only 1&2 are correct (b) only 2&3 are correct (c) only 2 (d) all of the above .


Q53  During Oct 2008 India signed security treaty with which country .

(a)   Japan  (b) Israel  (c) Australa (D) Uzbekistan   


Q54 Consider the following statement & choose the correct one .

1.      ASEAN has planned to create a single market by 2015

2.      India  a member of ASEAN 

3.      Recently ASEAN members has implemented open sky agreement

(a)   only 1& 2 are correct (b) only 1&3 are correct (c) only 2&3 are correct (d) all of the above


 Q55  IMF includes all UNCTAD proposals in its policies because

(a)   UNCTAD is a sub organization of IMF

(b)   IMF & UNCTAD were formed on the basis of same principles

(c)    IMF has got permanent representation in all the bodies of UNCTAD

(d)   None of the above


Q56 Consider the following & choose the correct one

     1 The Finance Minister is the ex offico gov in bord of Governers

     2 India is a member of five constituents of the World Bank group 

     3  IBRD,IDA,IFC,MIGA & ICSID are five constituent of world bank .

(a) only 1&2 are correct (b) only 1&3 are correct (c) 2&3 are correct (d) all are correct .


Q57 Match the following

              Personality                              Organisation

        1  Rodigro Rato                            Secy Gen of ASEAN

        2 Allec Irwin                                 Chairman of UNCTAD

        3 Mr Arthur Dunkel                   D G of GATT

        4 Dr Surin Pitsuwan                    M D IMF 


Q58 Consider the following & choose the correct one

           1      Mercosur is a trading block of latin American country .

2        It is a common market developed among Brazil,Chile,Paraguay & Argentina .

3        India has signed PTA with Mercosur .

(a) only 1 is correct  (b) only 2 is correct (c) only 3 is correct (d) none of the above is correct


Q59 Consider the following statement & choose the correct one

(a)   G-15 is an organization of 15 non aligned developing countries .

(b)   Only 12 nations of EU has accepted common currency Euro

(c)    UK , Denmark & Sweden has not accepted Euro as curreny

(d)   Old currencies of these 12 nations can be exchanged for Euro till Jan 1 2012.


Q60   Annual summit of APEC in 2008 was held at

(a)   Peru  (b) Hanoi (c) Santiago (d) Bangkok


Q61 Consider the following statement  & choose the correct one

(a)   SITTDEC is a scheme under SAARC

(b)   The Global Development Finance Report is released by IBRD

(c)    India rank’s 86th  on UNCTAD’s trade & development index

(d)   India was not the founder member of IMF .


Q62 Consider the following statement & choose the incorrect one

(a)   Art 366 prescribes the procedure to be followed in  the matter of specification of

Schedule tribe

(b)   Community declared as ST in one state need not to be so in other state .

(c)    First Backward commission was constituted in 1955 uner the chairmanship of Kelkar.

(d)   No ST community is present three  UTs 


Q63 Which of the following statements are correct regarding the powers of Governor to

            Reserve a bill for reconsideration of President . Choose the incorrect one .

       (a)It is laid down in Art 200

       (b) It is a discretionary power of Governor

       © It is compulsory ,if the endangers the position of High Court .

       (d) He can reserve any bill passed by state legislature .     


Q64 consider the following statement

        1.A money bill cannot be returned by the president of India for reconsideration by the parliament.

        2.If a bill is returned by the president of India,and the bill is again passed by both the houses of the parliament and again presented to the president,the president may again withhold his assent to the bill

          (a)only 1          (b)only 2        (c)Both 1 and2    (d) neither 1 nor 2


Q65 District Judge & Session Judge work directly under the control of

(a)   District Collector  (b) Governor of State (c) State Law Minister (d) High Court of State


Q66 Who of the following act as a Returning Officer for elections to parliamentary

         assembly constituency

(a)   BDO (b) CDO (c) District Collector (d) Divisional Commissioner .


Q67 Which of the following corporation are audited totally & directly by the CAG

1.      Air India  2. Damodar Valley Corporation 3. LIC 4 RBI

   (a) 1,3,4   (b) 1,2,4  (c)1,2  (d) 1,4


Q68 Which of the following statement about President’s ordinance making power is not

           Correct .

(a)   It is coextensive with legislative power of Parliament

(b)   Laid down in Art 123

(c)    Shall cease to operate on expiry of 6 week from the reassembly of the Parliament .

(d)   Cannot be withdrawn at any time by the President .


Q69 Consider the following statement & choose the incorrect one

        (a).The Principle of election in India was introduced by act of 1892

        (b) Portfolio system was introduced by act of 1861

        © Post of Sec. of state is created by the act of 1861 .

(d)Principle of Direct election was introduced by the Act of 1909 


Q70 Which of the following enjoys constitutional status

       1.Finance Commission 2. Planning Commission 3.UGC 4.National development council

   (a) only 1  (b) only 1&3  (c) only 1,3,4 (d) 2,3,4


Q71 Discretionary grants to state by the Center on the recommendation of

(a)   Finance Commission (b) NDC (c) Finance Ministry (d) Planning Commission


Q72 Which one of the following amendments to the constitution,for the first time,made it obligatory for the president to act on the advice of the council of minister?

         (a)24th amendment (b)42nd amendment  (c)44th amendment  (d)54th amendment


Q73 The correct statement about DPSP are

         1.They are borrowed from the Irish constitution

         2.They are incorporated in the Part v of the constitution

         3.They seek to provide social and economic base to the society

         4.All of them are Gandhian in nature

      5.The state must compulsorily implement them

          (a) 1,2,3,5  (b)1,3,5  (c)1,3,4,5  (d)1,3


Q74The Indian President’sveto power is a combination of

         1.Pocket veto  2.Absolute veto  3.Suspensive Veto  4.Qualified Veto

          (a)2,3 (b)1,3,4  (c)2,3,4  (d)1,2,3


Q75 The correct statement about FR are

         1.They are enforceable in the court of law.

         2.These rights are absolute.

         3.They can be suspended during national emergency except some.

        4 They are available to Indian citizen only

        5.They are contained in Part IV of the constitution.

        (a)1,3,4,5      (b)1,2,3,5      (c)1,3      (d)1,3,5

Q76 Who among the following appoint the judges(other then district judges)in state level?

         (a)The district judges                                         (b)The HC judge

         (c)The governor in consultation with HC         (d)the governor in consultation with SPSC

                                                                                        And the HC

Q77 Which of the following is not correctly matched?

         (a)Calcutta High court --------------set up in 1862

         (b)Delhi High court      ---------------set up in 1862

         (c)Gujarat High court  ---------------set up in 1960

         (d)Madras High court  ---------------set up in 1862


Q78Match List 1 with list ii and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:


            LIST I                                                             LIST II

A.Mandamus                                       1.Direction to an official for the performance of duty

B.Habeas Corpus                                2.Release of an illegally detained person

C.Certiorari                                         3.Transferring of a case from an interior court to a court

                                                                 Of higher jurisdiction.

D.Quo-warranto                                  4.calling upon one to show by what authority does he                                                                     

                                                                Hold or claim a franchise or office

Codes :         A       B      C      D

            (a)      1       2        3       4

            (b)      3       4       1        2

            (c)      1        4       3        2

            (d)     3        2       1         4

Q79 Match List I  with List II


          LIST I                                                            LIST II

A.Tax levied by the union of India                 1.Income Tax

And assigned to the centre                              

B.Tax levied by the union of India but           2.Land Revenue

Assigned to the states

C.Tax levied by the state and assigned to      3.Estate Duty

The state.

D.Tax levied by the union of India and          4.Surcharge

Distributed between the Union and the States


Q80 In which of the following circumstances,the speaker of LokSabha enjoys the voting right in the Parliament?

(a)vote on all bills

(b)never votes

(c)He cast the vote when tie occur

(d)only money bills


Q81 Which one of the following Union Territory participate in the election of the president?

(a)Pondicherry                                    (b)Daman and Diu

(c)Andaman and Nicobar                  (d) Dadra and Nagar Haveli


Q82 Which one of the following is not correctly matched?

(a)13th Finance commission                                       Vijay Kelkar

(b)6th pay commission                                                S.M.Srikrishna

(c)2nd Administrative reform commission               Veerapa Moily

(d)Investment commission                                         Kamal Nath


Q83 The returning officer for the election of the president is

(a)Separate Election Commissioner                         (b)CEC

(c)Secy.Gen of Rajya Sabha                                      (d)Secy. Gen.Lok Sabha


Q84 The speaker of lok sabha while discharging his function as proceeding officer is answerable to

(a)Chief Justice Of India                              (c)President of India

(b)Supreme Court                                         (d)None of the above


Q85 Which of the following is not true about composition of State legislative Council?

(a)1/3members,from members of local bodies

(b)1/3members,who has 3 years of teaching experience

(c)1/6members,elected by the legislative assembly

(d)1/12 registered graduates.


Q86The expenditure which is included in the constitution for which the approval of the parliament is not necessary is known as

(a)Allocated expenditure                               (b)Accounted expenditure

(c)Charged expenditure                                (d)Incurred expenditure


Q87 The Anti defection,relating to disqualification of  MP and State legislature does not cover:

(a)Ministers                                                (b)Chairman of Rajya Sabha

(c)Nominated members                             (d)independent members


Q88 Consider the following statements in respect to the Right to Information Act 2005:

(a)The Chief Information Commissioner shall be appointed by the president on the recommendationof a committee of which the leader of opposition in the LokSabha will be one of the members

(b)The headquaters of the central Information commission shall be at Bangalore

(c)As per provisions of the Act ,informations supplied by a third party and treated as confidentialsby that party cannot be disclosed.

Which of thestatement is correct?


Q89 The case of Vishakha and others Vs State of Rajasthan and others relates to which one of the following?

(a)Reservation for women in jobs under the central govt  and state governments

(b)Prevention of sexual harassment of women at workplace

(c)Transfer policy for women employees

(d)Leave grants policy for women employees


Q90Priyadarshini Projectis associated with which of the following

(a)Girl child education                           (b)rural women employment programme

(C)widow rehablitation                             (d)NREGA




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