Sunday, March 15, 2009


1.choose the correct one

a.under art 324(5) of the constitution CEC shall not be removed from his office except in manner and like grounds as the judges of the supreme court.

b.CEC draws salary at par with the speaker of the lok sabha.


2.In which of the following countries state funding of election is valid for presidential election.a.Germany b.Austria c.Isreal d.France e.Denmark


3.Chose the correct one

a.EVM was for the first time used in parur in Tamil Nadu

b.Dinesh Goswami was not in favour of introducing of EVM in elections

c.maximum number of candidates in the EVM is 64


4.Electoral rolls prepared by State Election Commission is

a.Seperate and independent from electoral rolls of Central Election commission

b.Electoral roll of State election Commission is used in State Assembly Election,panchayat n other local body election

c.The State Election Commission is constituted under art 324.


5.Which of the following is independent of the election commission of India?

a.State legislative council b.Zila Parishads c.corporations d.gram Panchayats


6.Which of the following enjoys six year term?

a.MP rajya sabha b.CAG c.Election Commissioner d.Attorney general


7.Who of the following is not appointed by Election Commission?

a.Chief electoral officer b.District Election Officer c.returning officer d.electoral Registration Officer e. Presiding officer and polling officer f.observers


8.Election Commissioner who achieved Raman Magasasy Award

a.T.N.seshan b.J.M.lyndoh c.Dr. Nagendra singh d.M.S.gill


9.Choose the correct one

a.Delimitation commission is constituted after every census

b.Lok sabha and State Legislative Assemblies concerned can make modifications in orders of delimitation commission

c.Justice kuldeep singh the chairman of Delimitation commission constituted after 2001 census.


10.Choose the correct one

a.Dinesh Goswami Committee:Electoral reforms

b.Jstc. M.Venktachallia:Constitution review committee

c.Indrajit Gupta Committee:State funding in election.’s


11.Which of the following country follows list system

a.France b.Britain c.Germany d.Spain


12.Choose the correct one

a.Parliamentary constituency with largest number of electors:Chandni Chowk

b.Parliamentary constituency with largest area:Laddakh

c.Sachin Pilot is the youngest MP in the 14th Lok sabha.


13.Provisions announced in recently announced stimulus package

a.4% cut in CenVAT as a result it has become 10%,8% and 4% for various categories

b.Full exemption from basic custom duty on naptha

c.Export Duty on iron ore fines has been withdrawn.


14.Choose the correct one

a.Kazakistan is likely to become the world’s largest producer of uranium by 2009

b.Kazakistan president Nazarbeyyev Nursultan chief guest during Republic Day celebration 2009.

c.Kazaktomprom has strategic nuclear cooperation with India.


15.consider this statement regarding carbon trading

a.Under “CAP AND TRADE”system the owner had right to emit one metric tonne of CO2or other equivalent green house gas

b.Under “BASELINE AND CREDIT TRADING” country has to invest money in carbon projects

c.CDM depicts joint venture between country mentioned in Annex 1


16.consider these statemenyt regarding Akash missile

a.It is a short range surface to air missile.

b.It is a part of India’s IGMD programme and comes with radars,mobile launchers,control centers and other support system

c.It is of same class as Patriot,Barak,

and SAM missile

d.Recently Air Force places order with BEL for Akash missile.

Choose the correct one.


17.Which of the following military equipment is supplied to India from America

a.P8i b.AN/TPQ-37 c.Hercules C-130j d.Harpoon


18.match the following

a.P8i                             Aircraft transport

b.AN/TPQ-37               Weapon locating radar

c.Hercules C-130j        Anti ship missile

d.Harpoon                    Reconniaissanie planes


18.Choose the following judgement of SC

a.The CJI was not bound to consult other judges in collegium while appointment of additional judges as permanent judges

b.According to SC there is no bar on holding constitutional posts for citizens acquiring citizenship through naturalization

c.Right against illegal Prevtentive Detention comes under art 21

Ckhoose the correct one


19.consider these statements regar ding AARDO

a.It is an autonomous inter governmental organization formed in1962

b.Basic porpose is to work cohesively to achive MDG for the people living  under BPL

c.Its 16th general session was held at Chennai


20.Match the following

a.1st Pravasi Bharatia Divas           govt’s decision to establish a P.B. Kendra

b.2nd P.B .Divas                               Dr singh inaugurated the scheme of O.C.I

c.3rd P.B.Divas                                 govt’s decision to permit dual citizenship for PIOs liv

                                                         in some countries

d.4th P.B.Divas                                 offered dual citizenship to  those who migrated from I

                                                         ndia after Jan 26,1950 by the govt


21.Choose the correct one

a.4th P.B. divas,Hyderabad =inaugurated the scheme of OCI by the GOI

b.5th P.B. divas,New Delhi=Announced  the establishment of the  PMs Global Advisory c

                                             council of people

c.2nd P.B. divas,New delhi=GOI decision to establish a P.B. Kendra

d.8th P.B. divas,New delhi=A compulsory insurance scheme being  framed for Indian wor

                                            kers migrating to the gulf


22.Match the following

a.Dato’Seri S.Samy vellu-------MP Canada

b.Shashi Tharoor-----------------President of Malayasian Indian Congress

c.Sam G. Pitroda-----------------Chairman ,Afra Ventures,U.S.

d.Ruby Dhalla--------------------Chairman,C-Sam,U.S.


23.DEPB scheme is related with

a.FII b.Importers c.ECB’s d.Bharat nirman



24.Consider following statement regardihg Kundakulam desalination plant

a.Nucleur reactors to these plant are supplied by France

b.DesalinatoinPlant is erected by the Tata project and IDE Technologies Ltd

c.KKNPP is located at Coimbatore dist Tamil Nadu



25.”Nova net PC” introduced by BSNL and Novatium is

a.Low  cost home PC

b. Low  cost Mobiles with internet

c.low cost laptops

d.Wifi Systems


26.Consider the following statement

a.APEDA comes under the ministry of Biotechnology

b.APEDA did not cover Basmati rice IPR Protection under APEDA bill 2008

c.APEDA had got GI for 104 products


27.100% FDI is allowed in which of the following sector

a.automobiles b.banking processing insurance



28.Consider the following statement

a.Admiral Gorshkov would be named as INS Vikramaditya

b.INS vikrant is the only aircraft carrier India had

c.INS Sidhhusastra is Indias first missile firing submarine

choose the correct one



29.Which of the following country holds chairmsnship of EU

a.france b.Germany c.Serbia d.Czech Republic


30.why Mariana trench,Pacific Remote Island and Rose atoll marine were in news

a.declared by UNICEF as world heritage site

b.places located near Bermuda Triangle

c.Whaling was banned in these area

d.American govt banned oil and gas extraction and commercial fishing in these areas


30.In which year incandescent bulbs will be passed in the EU

a.2012 b.2014c.2016d.2020


31. consider following statement regarding coral reef

a.they are considered as the rainforest of the ocean

b.growth of coral reef is due to the calcification process

c.Gamma densitometry technique is used to measure annual growth of reef

d.Lower pH of sea helps in the process of calcification

choose the correct one


32.which of the following mechanism is possible in virus



c.Both1 and 2

d. Neither 1 nor 2



33.which of the following did not have DNA molecule

a.WBCs b.RBCs c.Both 1&2 d. Neither 1 nor

34.Match of the following

a.Founder of VHS----------------M.S.Swaminathan

b.Secretary VHS------------------K.S.Sanjivi



35.Match the following

a.New  MD and CEO of unit Larsen & Toubro-----D L Rawal

b.New chairman & MD of Dena Bank---------------Ravi Uppal

c.Chairman of tea board--------------------------------Amit Mitra

 d.Secretary general of FICCI-------------------------Basudev Bannerjee


36.In which of the country the Indian software firm HCL opened its office






37.Who among the following became the first Hall Of Famer in ICCs Hall Of Fame

a.Sunil Gavaskar

b.Rodney Marsh

c.Brain Lara

d.Kapil Dev


38.match the following

a.A K C Natranjan                       Vocalist

b.Sarada hoffman                         Violinist

c.A.Ramaswamy                           Bharatnatyam dancer

d.P C K Ramachandra                   Clarionet vidwan


39.Cambridge University announced a new scholarship programme for Indian Students  named

a.JNU under graduate scholarship  programme

b.MMS under graduate scholarship programme

c.ABVajpayee  under graduate scholarship programme

d.none of these



(The Golden Globe Award)

a.Danny boyle                             Best supporting actress

b.Simon Beauty                           Best original score

c.Kate Winslet                             Best Director- motion picture

d.A R Rahman                             Best Screenplay



a.SG of FICCI                               D S Rawat

b.SG of Assocham                        Chandrajit Banerjee

c.DG of CII                                        Amit Mitra


42.Set the events of Tilak life in chronological order

a.Founding Newspaper Kesari n Maharatta

b.Shivaji festival

c.Ganapati festival

d.No tax Campaign


43.Who among the following was killed by Chapekar brothers on 27th june 1898

a.Rand&lt Andrews

b.Rand & lt Ayrest

c.Rand &lt Hudson

d.Herbert&Lt Ayrest


44.Who among the following was first India to go jail in performance of his duty as a journalist

a.Ramesh Chandra Mitra

b.B G Tilak

c.Asutosh Mukherjee

d.none of the above


45.consider the following features of Indian Council Act of 1909

a.Voting on separate bmudget item was allowed

b.indian was appointed to governor general’s executive council

c.a system of separate electorate  was introduced is also known as Montague Chelmsford Reform


46.Match the following

Newspaper                                            leaders

Kesari&Mahratta                         Dadabhai Narorji

Hindustani                                    G G Agarkar

Voice of India                              N N Sen

Indian Mirror                               G P verma


47.Consider the following regarding vernacular press act

a.It was repealed by Lord Dufferin

b.Illbert Bill controversy was also related with this act

c.Bangavasi&Sanjivini was converted into English after this Act

Choose the correct one



Bishambhar nath                  Central province

GM Chitnavis                       UP

P Ananda charlu                    Maharastra

Rm Sayani                             Madras


49.With reference to the Swadeshi Movemient during the Indian freedom struggle,which   one of the following statement is not correct?

a.The theme song of the Swadeshi Movement in Bengal was Rabindranath ‘sAmar sonar  Bengal

b.syed Haider Raza led the Swadeshi Movement in Delhi

c.the Ganapati and Shivaji festivals became a medium for the swadeshi propaganda in Bengal

d.The surat split of the congress in 1907 weakened the Swadeshi movement


50.write 10 words on each of them

1.Cristaino Ronaldo 2.John Atta Mills 3. A.K.C Natrajan  4. Helen Suzmann 5. Pingpong

  Diplomacy  6. Jawaharlal Nehru Prize  7. Sanjay Gupta  8.Craig Venter 9. Hetul Shah

10. Prannoy Roy 11. Lajja Gosami 12. Sharath & Shamini  13. Devvarman  14. GOPIO

15 . Naval Acadmey 16. Dr Dipu Moni  17. Massimo Castaloni  18 . Vinod Thomas 19 Capro 20 James Mawangi


51. Which one of the following Indian birds is a highly endangered species?

(a)    Golden Oriole (b) Great Indian Bustard (c) Indian Fantail Pigeon (d) Indian Sunbird

52. The Chinar Wild Life Sanctuary is located in

(a) Jammu & Kashmir (b) Kerala (c) Sikkim (d) Tamil Nadu

53. Assertion(A) : Egypt is the Gift of the Nile.

Reason (R) : It is an oasis of the Sahara desert.

Select the correct answer from the codes given below:

(a)    Both (A) and (R) are true and(R) is the correct explanation of (A)

(b)   Both (A) and (R) are true but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A)

(c)    (A) is true but (R) is false.

(d)   (A) is false but(R) is true

54.The author of ‘Tomorrow’s Biodiversity’ is

(a)    Vandana Sharma

(b)   V.K.Sharma

(c)    M.S.Swaminathan

(d)   Medha Patkar

55.In India the highest concentration of slum population is in the State of

(a)    Goa

(b)    Himachan Pradesh

(c)    Kerala

(d)    Mizoram

56.Assertion(A): Most of the Mega Cities of the world are located in coastal areas.

Reason(R): They are the gateways to international ocean routes.

Select the correct answer from the codes given below:

(e)    Both (A) and (R) are true and(R) is the correct explanation of (A)

(f)    Both (A) and (R) are true but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A)

(g)   (A) is true but (R) is false.

(h)   (A) is false but(R) is true

57.which one of the following is not correctly matched?

(a)    Bushman – Namibia

(b)   Bedouins-Saudi Arabia

(c)    Pigmies- sudan

(d)   Masais – Kenya

58.which one of the following is not correctly matched?

(a)    Vembanad – Kerala

(b)   Loktak – Maghalaya

(c)    Dal – Kashmir

(d)   Pulicat – Andhra Pradesh

59.which one of the following is correctly matched?

(a)    Pittsburgh – Ship building

(b)   Shanghai – Cotton textile

(c)    Dhundee – Iron and Steel

(d)   Leningrad – jute textile

60.The limit of the territorial waters of India extends upto

(a)    3 nautical miles from the coast

(b)   6 nautical miles from the coast

(c)    12 nautical miles from the coast

(d)   24 nautical miles from the coast

61.Government of India

(i)     First time nationalized 14 large Commercial Banks in the year 1969

(ii) First time nationalized 19 large Commercial Banks in the year 1969

(a)    Only I is correct

(b)   Only ii is correct

(c)    Both are correct

(d)   Both are wrong

62.The importance of agriculture in Indian economy is indicated by its contribution to which of the following?

(a)    National income and employment

(b)   Industrial development and international trade

(c)    Supply of food grains

(d)   All the above

63.The Committee known as examined the question of full capital account convertibility of Indian

(a)    Vaghul Committee

(b)   Rangrajan Committee

(c)    Tarapore Committee

(d)   Hashim Committee

64.The North – Western Region of the Indian Sub-continent is susceptible to earthquake activity because of

(a)    Volcanic activity

(b)   Plate tectonic activity

(c)    Coral formation activity

(d)   All of the above

65.which of the following is correctly matched?

(a)    Bombay Stock Exchange: SENSEX

(b)   National Stock Exchange: NYSE

(c)    New york Stock Exchange: NIFTY

(d)   London Stock Exchange: NIKKEI

66.Which one of the following continents has no landlocked State?

(a)    Africa

(b)   Asia

(c)    Europe

(d)   North America

67.About one third of the world’s producing of natural rubber comes from

(a)    India

(b)   Indonesia

(c)    Malaysia

(d)   Thailand

68.Among the following which are the primary objectives of SAARC?

1.      To improve welfare of the people of South Asia through economic development, social progress and cultural advancement.

2.      To have effective cooperation with other developing nations.

3.      To have effective cooperation with other regional organizations.

4.      To improve regional peace and defense.

      Select the correct answer from the codes

(a)    4 only

(b)   1and 4 only

(c)    1,2 and 3 only

(d)    all the four

69.The slogan of ‘poverty abolition’ was related to

(a)    Second Plan

(b)   Fifth Plan

(c)    Sixth Plan

(d)   Fifth & Sixth Plan

70.The importance of agriculture in Indian economy is indicated by its contribution to which of the following?

(a) National income and employment

(b) Industrial development and international trade

(c) Supply of food grains

(d) All the above

71.The International boundary between North Korea and South Korea runs along

(a)    250 N.Lat.

(b)   330 N.Lat.

(c)    380 N.Lat.

(d)   480 N.Lat.

72.Strait of Hormuz lies between

(a)    Black Sea and Marmara Sea

(b)   Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman

(c)    Arabian Sea and Red Sea

(d)   Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea

73.Which city of Turkey is known as the ‘Gateway to the West’?

(a)    Adana

(b)   Ankara

(c)    Istanbul

(d)   Narmada

74.Assertion (A): The Narmada forms a delta at its mouth.

Reason (B): It flows through a rift valley.

Select the correct answer from the codes given below:

(a)    Both (A) and (R) are true and(R) is the correct explanation of (A)

(b)   Both (A) and (R) are true but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A)

(c)    (A) is true but (R) is false.

(d)   (A) is false but(R) is true

75.Which types of forests are found near Equator?

(a)    Deciduous forests

(b)   Coniferous forests

(c)    Grass lands

(d)   Tropical forests

76.For better survival of the Human population, which of the following steps is most important?

(a)    Afforestation

(b)   Ban on mining activity

(c)    Conservation of wild life

(d)   Reducing the use of natural resources

77.A group formed by India, Brazil, China and other developing countries for future negotiations at WTO is know as

(a)    G-77

(b)   G-55

(c)    G-22

(d)   G-11

78.Assertion (A) : The Mediterranean region have rainy winter.

Reason (R) : During winter they lie in the belt of the Westerlies.

(a) Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation of (A).

(b)   Both (A) and (R) are true but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A).

(c)    (A) Is true but (R) is false.

(d)   (A) Is false but (R) is true.

79.Under which Five Year Plan did agriculture register a negative growth?

(a)    Third

(b)   Fifth

(c)    Seventh

(d)   Ninth

80.The term ‘Paper Gold’ means

(a)    Deficit financing

(b)   Special accommodation facility of the ‘World Bank’

(c)    Currencies still on Gold Standard

(d)   Special Drawing rights of the I.M.F.


81.Rourkela Steel Plant gets its supplies of iron ore from

(a)    Keonjhar

(b)   Dalli-Rajhara

(c)    Kamangundi

(d)   Mayurbanj

82.The Ozone layer lies in the

(a)    Troposhere

(b)   Tropopause

(c)    Stratoshere

(d)   Photosphere

83.“Global-500” Awards are given for achievements in

(a)    Canberra

(b)   Delhi

(c)    London

(d)   Toronto

84.Which one of the following institutions is related to export financing and insurance?

(a)    ECGC

(b)   GAIL

(c)    CBDT

(d)   IDBI

85.The EXIM Bank of the India was established in

(a)    1964

(b)   1976

(c)    1980

(d)   1982

86.Stock faming is

(a)    growing of 2-3 crops at the same time

(b)   breeding of animals

(c)    crop rotation

(d)   None of the above

87.In India IRDA regulates

(a)    Banking business

(b)   Insurance Business

(c)    Capital Market

(d)   Issue of Shares

88.Reason for low productivity in Indian agriculture is

1.                                                                              Engagement of more persons in agricultural operations than needed.

2.                                                                              Small land holdings.

3.      Backward technique of production

(a)    1&2 are correct

(b)   2&3 are correct

(c)    1&3 are correct

(d)   1,2&3 are correct

89.Assertion (A) : Antarctica is a scientific paradise.

Reason (R) : Its ice core archives the history of the past climate.

(a)    Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation of (A).

(b)   Both (A) and (R) are true but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A).

(c)    (A) Is true but (R) is false.

(d)   (A) Is false but (R) is true.

90.Which one of the following States is the pioneer in introducing contract farming in India?

(a)    Haryana

(b)   Punjab

(c)    Tamil Nadu

(d)   Uttar Pardesh





15th Feb,2009


1)Which of the following missile is based on re entry technology necessary for long range missile?

(a)Prithvi   (b)Akash  (c)Agni  (d)K-15


2)AAD-02 is specially linked with which of the following field?

(a)Vaccine for AIDS  (b)Space technology  (c)Missile technology  (d)UN environmental programme


3) a.DRDO has established a credible missile shield against incoming cruise missile from adversial country.

     b.Earlier only Russia,US&Isreal has a ability to intercept ballistic missile.


4)Which of the following HPC has maximum floating point operations a second?

a.PARAM 8000   b.PARAM 20000   c.PARAM PADAM   d.PARAM YUVA


5)Which of the following is related with national computing grid initiative under C-DAC



6)Which of the foffowing is used in Rajya sabha as a tool for translation of bulletins,debates,papers etc?



7)Who among the following countries were the co chairs of Oslo Peace Process 2002?

a.EU b.Japan c.France d.Norway e.Sweden f.US


8)Under somatic cell nuclear transfer

(1)Nucleus is removed from an oocyte & replaced with the nucleus from donor animal or persons who is cloned.

(2)After fertilization the resulting embryo carries mostly the DNA from egg cell



9)Indo French relations

a.France is the second country with which India has signed its commercial nuclear deal after Russia

b.French company AREVA will supply two FBRs plant to be built at jaitapur in Maharastra time of the reactor will be 40 yrs

choose the incorrect one


10)The Genus Philatus or tree frogs was discovered in India 1854,they are mainly found in

a.Andaman &Nicobar island

b.Western ghats


d.Nilgiri hills


11)Consider the following statement

a.ICC was created under the Atlantic Charter after Second world war

b.ICC adjudicate the disputes between the governments

c.India  accepts ICC jurisdiction.


12)Consider the following statement

a.Jeev Milkha Singh was the winner of European tour order of merit world championship is going to be held at Dubai


13)Which of the following institution has recently received AS9100 certificate






14)Recently first model e-court in country is launched in which state?






15)Recently Indian army has conducted largest ever amphibious exercise on the Madhabpur beach of  Gujarat,name of the exercise is

a.Exercise Triveni-2009

b.Exercise Tropex 2009

c.Exercise Trumphet 2009

d.exercise San gam 2009


16)According to the recent CSO surveys which of the following sectors will show growth in coming fiscal years?


c.mining & querring


17)Which of the following company has form a joint venture with Bank of India & union banking of India in insurance sector?



c.Dalmer groups

d.L&T firms


18)Match the following

         Leaders                                              parties

Benjamin Netanhyahu                   yisrael beiteinu

Ehud   barak                                kadima

Tzipi liuini                                  likud

Avigdor liebrman                      labour


19)Choose the correct one

a.ICC womens world cup 09 is going to be held in Newzealand

b.Anjum Chopra  has represented India in four successive ICC women world cup


      20)In which of the following country earth summit is going to be held?






      21)Which of the following committee is related with checking of ragging in the colleges?

      a.Ganguly committee

      b.moily committee

      c.Jst KT Thomas& Fali Nariman committee

     d.Raghavan Cmmittee


22)National games are going to be held in

a.Jarkhand   b.Chattisgarh  c.Kerala    d.Goa


23)Consider the following

a.Bharat Ratna award comprises a certificate signed by president  of India & medillion  signed by senior beuct.

b.Last persons to receive this award were L.Mangeskar & Ustad Bismillah Khan

c.Till now six persons from Art & Culture has received Bharat Ratna


24)Who among the following music exponent has won Grammy Awars two times for his creation Planet drum & global Drum?

a.Pdt.Vishwa Mohan das

b.Ronu Mozumdar

c.Ustd Allah Rakha

d.Ustd Zakir Hussain


25)Match the following

         Exponent                           dances

a.Gayendra pande               chinibas mahto

b.Malvika maitra                odissi

c.K.D.goswami                     Bharat Natyam

d.Geeta Chandran               Kathak


26)Recently the ministry of communication initiated the third phase of a project for upgrading the infrastructure of post offices

a.project dak

b.project arrow

c.project postman

dnone of the above


27)Consider the following statement

a.CharlesDarwin was born in Ireland

b.In “on the origin of spices”expounded the idea evolutionary theory of human

c.In “The descent of man” he expounded the idea of evolution by natural selection


28)Which of the following scheme of ministry of overseas Indian affair(MOIA)will provide boarding and lodging for distressed Indian in the domestic sector & unskilled labour

a.ECR      b.ICWF       c. PIO card  d.OIC           


29)Which of the following has received Sangeet Natak Akademi  Ratna award

a.Sitara Devi

b.Bhupen Hazarika


d.Khaled Choudhary


30)Match the following

             Leaders                                            Countries

Cristina Fernandes                                     Equador

Filipe Calderon                                           Mexico

Rafel Correa                                                Argentina

Michelle Bachelt                                          Chile


31)what was the theme of the world economic forum annual meeting 2009 at Davas,Switzerland

a.New world economic order after crisis

b.Shaping the post crisis world

c.Regulating Capitalism

d.Neoliberalism &its alternatives


32)Who among the following is appointed as general counsel & senior policy advisor at OMB & budget at white house

a. Neel kr. Katayal

b.Preeta Banshal

c.Abhinav Bhasin

d.Shashi Agarwal


33)India’s 1st asset reconstruction company which focuses on NPA’s of micro,small & medium enterprises

a.SBI b.SIDBI c.ICICI d.Bank of India


34)Recently CrPC amendment bill is passed which amended section 41 of CrPc.This amendment is made on the recommendation of which of the following committee?

a.Justice Thomas & FalivNariman committee

b.Justice Pathak committee

c.Malimath Commiittee

d.R.K.Raghavan Committee


35)If a president proclaims emergency under art356 he can made the following proclamation

a.may declare that the power of the legislature of state shall be exercisable by the parliament

b.he can keep state assemlbly under suspended animation

c.he may assume to himself all or any of the power vested in the govt

Choose the correct one


36)Which is the first country to sign a contract for purchasing the indigeniously made Dhruv helicopter?






37)The two stage satsllite launch rocket,called the Safir-e-omid has been launched by which country



c.North  Korea



38)A:Ganga plain is the most densely populated part of India

R:Ganga is the most harnessed river of India


39)The term ARYAN denotes

a. An ethnic group

b.a nomadic people

c.a speech group

d.a superior race


40)HINDALCO ,an aluminium factory located at renukut owes its site basically to

a.Proximity of raw materials

b.Proximity to the networks

c.Proximity to the market

d.Abundent supply of power


41)A:The eastern coast of India produces more rice thah the western coast

R:the eastern coast receives more rainfall than the western coast


42:Which is the most accurate method of representing relief features?



c.Layer colouring

d.Hill shading


43 . Which is the first country to sign a contract for purchasing the indigenously made

        Dhruv helicopter .

     a. Brazil  b. Ecuador   c. Kazakistan  d . Malasiya  .


44) Consider the following statement

       a. Largest producer of silk in world is China .

        b. India is the only country in the world produce all varieties of silk

        c. India is the second largest producer of Tabacco in the world .

      choose the correct one 

45) Consider following statement

     a. National park is generally species oriented .

      b. Sanctuary reserved area meant for preserving natural vegetation ,wildlife &

           natural beauty .

      c. Biosphere is to preserve genetic diversity of ecosystem .

     choose the incorrect one .


46) Match the following 

              National park                         Speciality

        a.Gahrimatha                             Olive Ridley

        b. Bhitarkanika                           Gangetic dolphin

        c. Nandankanan                           salt water crocodile

        d. National Chambal Sanct.        White tiger 

47)Most of the explosions in mines occur due to the mixing of

     a. Hydrogen with oxygen

     b. Oxygen with acetylene

     c. Methane with air .

     d. Carbon dioxide with ethane.


 48) Who organized the society called Abhinav Bharat .

        a. Ajit Singh  b.Har Dayal  c. Shayamji Krishan Verma  d. V.D. Savarkar .

49) Match the following

             Organisation                      Year Founded 

         a. Landholder Society                    1838

          b. British Indian Association        1851          .

        . c. Madras Native Association       1852

         d.  The Indian Association              1876 


50) Consider the following statement  :

        1. Attempt on the life of judge Kingsford .

        2 Shooting of District Magistrate Jackson .

        3 Tebhaga movement

        4 Murder of Lt Ayerst .

Put them in chronological order

a.      1,2,4,3  b.4,2,1,3  c. 1,3,4,2  d. 4,3,1,2.


51).Put them in correct chronological order .

       1. August Offer  2. Cripps Mission  3. Simila Conference  4. Cabinet Mission Plan


52) a. In his Home Rule Movement Tilak linked up the question of Sawaraj with the demand                  .          for theformation of linguistic States and Education in Vernacular.

       b. Annie Beseant League has pan Indian character & was tightly organized .

    1. only a  2. only  b  3. both a&b are correct 4. both a&b are wrong .


53) Consider the following event .

      1. Formation of Home Rule League

      2. Tilak sentenced to six year of deportation on charges of sedition .

      3  Formation of Ghadar party at Sanfrancisco .

      4 Gandhi’s Champaran Satyagraha .

Their correct chronological sequence.

a.      2,1,4,3  b. 2,3,1,4  c. 3,2,1,4  d. 2,1,3,4 .


54) Rabindranath Tagore suggested that the date of partition of Bengal be

          Observed as an occasion .

a.      solidarity day  b. rakhi bandhan c. Black day d. brotherhood day .


55) Recently govt has launched a Project similar to Projct Tiger & Project Elephant .

       It is related with which animal .

  1. Crocodile  b Kashmiri stag  c. Snow Leopard  d. Single horn rhino


56) Ferari has announced that it would carry an Indian company’s logo on its F1 cars in 2009

       Session .Name of the company is

  1. Arcelor Mittal  b. TATA  c  Infosys  d. Wipro

57) Which art of Indian consti is responsible release of grants for govt scheme such as

        MPLADS , SSA, Mid Day Meal Scheme etc.

a.      Art 281  b. Art 282  c. Art 283 d. Art 284

58) Consider following statement regarding GST .

      1. It is state for implementation by April 1 2010 .

      2. There will be dual GST ie a central GST & GST by state .

3. Petroleum products would be out of GST regime .

Choose the correct one


59) FAO 



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