Sunday, January 18, 2009



Honey please look into my eye

Am so scared that you dont want me

But honey I want you ..oh ya so much

Do you love me honey?

Please tell me you do

Please please please....

I am sorry I pushed you away

I am sorry I was such a jerk

You should know noone makes me more happier than you

Just the sight of you makes my day

Your touch makes me crazy

A look and my heart stops

The world spins crazy and then ...then there is silence

When I hear you

A sense of calmness soothes me down

O honey I love much so much

I never felt this way before

Every little thing I do, I do it for you

Everyday i breathe I do it for you

You are my heart my soul my world

Do I still have you?

Monday, January 5, 2009


Mumabi carnage ....I sit back and think where do we really go from here.This picture from CST tells it all....thats what this country is facing through and yet after all this I still find the country limping back to normalcy.

I mean normalcy isnt bad but somewhere I find heartlessness.Why well because once the blasts had happened and pepople spilled to the streets I thought for once the country was showing girt and courage.For once we were really talking about fighting back and then...all that fizzled out.I was shocked when a few days later on the 1st almost all the hotspots of Guwahati were housful even though it too had seen its worst attack on the 30th October.So what are we ....are we too selfish are we too cool but I guess we are most of all too ignorant .I mean this is a scene of the CST why should I worry my blood isnt on the floor nor is my family members.I should go and make merry .But then we forget that at this very moment terrorists are planning something somewhere and the next time it might be really our blood.Why ..why do I think so ..well because we show them that way that we forget we forget about everything.We are a nation of forgetfull people.What happned to Afzal Guru any of us remember him anymore the man who planned an attack on our we remember him anymore ...NO why ...why should we.


Why was US never attacked after 9/11 people ask me .Simple loyalty ..loyalty towards the nation the introspection of the poeple.We expect loyalty from the soldier but not from oursleves because after all we are the taleneted bunch who have to make it big in US ,UK or wherever.What happens in the nation is of least of concern to us why should all that matter.After all we want to be called UNCLE SAM'S own kids.Our loyalty is unquestionable in orkut and facebook communities havent you seen how many members we have in INDIA community.There we dicuss the nations problems scold Pakistan and then generally shake our head in disbeleif like what is happening in the country.Hey isnt that loyalty after all we put our valuable time in Orkut for the nation.

One particular incident has made me write this starnge blog.I was watching the news of the Guwahati blasts in the TV on the 1st Jan where little Sahil was killed ,at a friends place.When all the commotion was going on suddenly uncle comes and changes the channel saying "DESH KA KUCH NAHI HOGA...CHALO NEW YEAR PROGRAMME DEKHTE HAIN"

Welcome to the real INDIA you still have doubts why Mumbai happened?