Thursday, December 4, 2008


Well terrorists have ripped us apart and now we stand as a nation threatened by a variety of factors.As I choose to ponder as to why this situation has arisen I cant help but notice a few facts which make us so easy to be choosen as targets:

1. India has become a soft target .Foreigners like people from USA ,UK and Western Europe cant be targeted anymore  in their own country so they have started targeting the visiting foreigners in India.

2. Time and again it has been repeated and I sit here to say it once again we need a proper defence mechanism in place.US came up with Department of Homeland Security and the Act after the terror strikes.We need something surgical like that.I wouldnt term POTA because then I would stand to be viewed as biased to a party of a particular ideolouge.But we need better laws and better legislation.

3. The intelligence agencies need to have better coordination between them.We need better laws and also a few amendments in the constitution.The policy makers have to decide how to combat terrorism with a proper formula and a way to acheive the fastest response time instead of wasting valuable time in red tape mechanisms.

4. The general public has to decide in what way they want to take part in shaping the course of the nation.I mean we are a nation which gets irritated when we have to stand in a queue.We scold the policeman if he tries to check us because we are too busy .Plus we are arent Terrosists why should he check us ....Well that attitude has got to go if we want to survive.The police must be allowed to carry on their work.

5. There is no use shouting now that we dont  want politicians .Infact the constitution had given us enough resources to ask them question .How many of us have ever used an RTI act .All it takes is just 10 rupees to get a form and you can ask your local MLA just anything under the Sun ...have you ever done it?No its time we start using these tools.

6. The most important thing is to understand the very term Terrorism .Its main objective is to make us afraid make us beleive in anarchy and make us beleive we cant have respite .We have to show them that its not true we can fight back.But merely lighting a few candles wont solve the problem .What we need is a comprehensive startegy and a belive in the nation and the state.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Well it is time we all found a comprehensive way to defeat Terrorism .So let me focus today on Terrorism and what it means for the society we live in today.We should understand first of all that terrorism in most cases is not motivated by any religious ideologes.The attacks in Mumbai ,Guwahati,Delhi and many other places in the past few months has finally opened the eyes of the people towards the danger that we live in today.However the blasts this time has also broght about a sense of romanticism, a sense of starting to beleive in anarchy .
First of all right after the blasts people started denouncing the politicians and their incapacity to take proper measures .This was an expected response.But then people started demanding the resignation of the government and a sort of military rule.Now this is something that is completely uncalled for.We take pride in being the largest democracy in the world .We must understand that 10 people holding the nation to ransom must not be a motivation for us to walk down a road where we completely denounce democracy.Let us not forget the ideals which our forefathers beleived in when; they framed the definition for our nation.Yes we must make politicians more accountable ,we must take care in seeing how we are governed .However all this must be done within a specified framework .After al,l all said and done agreed there are always some irresponsible comments by a few politicians but the it isnt exactly easy when someone like you or me walks out to the streets carrying a gun wiling to kill and be killed.Military rule cannot be a solution however what we can do is bring the politicians to book make them more accountable.Secondly we must infuse politics...... people friendly politics in our blood.Thirdly the youth of this country must come forward to take part in active clean politics which will work wonders.
The next point I would like to touch upon is the issue of Pakistan and how to handle that particular nation.First of all we live in the most volatile region of the world ..let us understand that thing clearly.Secondly we just cannot carpet bomb Pakistan .Why...well for a variety of reasons.First we cannot just go into war with a state these days because their will be dire consequences.Secondly there is already an absurd notion that India is waging a war against Muslims ....any attack on Pakistan would give strength to that baseless notion  .This in turn will make India the unnecessary target of Muslim fanatics around the world.So what we can do is stop all negotaitions with pakistan at this point all the meaningless show of porous border and diplomacy.Instead we should sit down on the table and negiotiate hard until they are forced to give us the terrorists we want and bomb the Let or other camps that we want  to be destroyed.
The next most important thing is the way the Muslim community behaves after these blasts.I have always been an admirer of Islam not to mention the number of Muslim friends I have.However there are some flaws I must admit.There are always reports that whenever there are blasts in India in some parts crackers are burst. Yes you wont beleive it but its true I have seen and heard them .Now I wont go on eulogising these few trival things however I just want to stress the fact that yes such problems do exist  in the country.Now the question is what must we do....or rather what must the Muslim community do.Well for starters the leaders in their community must come forward and speak voraciously that there is no war on Muslims in India and this message must be passed all over the world.This will help in bridging the gap between the state and the international Muslim community.We must keep reminding  everybody that our missile programme which according to many Pakistani theorists is a symbol of Hindu Zionism is infact headed by APJ Abdul Kalam also a former President.This is a nation that is based on strong secualrists ideals and this message must be passed to people everwhere in the world. 
We all must be ready for stringent security interference in our lives.If we have to fight terrorism we must understand that we must be ready to go to any extent.We must not complain when our car is pulled up for checks at nights .We must not get indignated when police asks for our identification.Maybe in the near future a few members of a particular community might be profiled but they must understand that its for the good of the nation .The best way to carry out profiling is that it is carried out by members of that particular community itself.This will not allow conspiracy theorists to give flames to thier rhetoric.It is high time that we all grasp the realities surrounding terrorism and do something about it.
I have a dream. Nothing is being able to defeat Terrorism at this point not Hinduism.Islam ,Buddhism or for that matter any other -isms.What  if we evolve a common religion Indianism which is the religion of the nation and theer is only one god NATION.That would have been the most powerful way of defeating terrorism because nothing can defeat 1.1 billion people of a particular religion.But then they are just fantasies as of now we must be contended with what we have and just find the best way out to combat terrorism.