Monday, September 15, 2008


Will India be what it wants to be?? The TRICOLOR factors!!

The Tricolor Indian flag

The Tricolor Indian flag

At an age of 61 in a man’s life ,perhaps he would have accomplished all his worldly desires n become stable in all respects and enjoy his prosperity grow beyond his imaginative limits and his younger generation of his off springs taking over his efforts. But INDIA celebrating its 61st Independence Day this year is still in deep troubles as a troubled teenager trying to make his life. Even as the GDP is growing at a rate of double digits and foreign reserves at an all time high and many figures and indices showing its prosperity, India still lacks a lot to become what it aspired to be in this global world. As I have read somewhere “After a century and two billion births, an Indian gets his first gold at Olympics “.Even if the gold medal at Olympics made us to walk a little taller, we still have to grow enormously in many aspects . . Can we imagine ourselves as a militarily invincible, economically unrivalled, diplomatically uncontestable and a dominating force on information channels worldwide? Or putting it in a simple way” Will INDIA be a superpower?” At this point this is the one of the biggest possible question to debate about. These are the some of the issues which cross my thoughts which may hinder us in becoming what we want. I call them the TRICOLOR factors!!!

Terrorism: Many have read or listened to facts that Indians constitute of 30%of NASA and 25% of Microsoft or stuff like that. But India also holds another record; it’s the second country of Terrorist deaths in the list for the last year with Iraq in the place above. Terrorism is a common word in India now and terrorist attacks are becoming more common. Name a big city and you can find terror links in the place!!! Unless we curb out the roots of terror in the country, we have a very slight chances to see what we aspire. And the most common thing to watch out when these things happen is the mudsling politics played by the central and state governments.


Manmohan Singh says to Bush, “We are sending Indians to the moon next year”. Bush says, “Wow! How Many?” Manmohan Singh says, “100; 25 OBC, 25 SC, 20 ST, 5 Handicapped, 5 Sports Persons, 5 Terrorist Affected, 5 Kashmiri Migrants, 9 Politicians and if possible 1 Astronaut”

Perhaps India is the only country in the world; people feel pride and fight to be called as backward classes. Is this good for us?? Take the instance of recent IIT results and the cutoff for physics was “zero”. So you do nothing in your physics paper or else forget about the core component of engineering , the physics subject , in one of the world toughest entrance exam and get through the exam and secure a seat in a world class institute .Is it the right way to uplift people.? You get negative marks in the national engineering entrance exam and get yourself a welcome seat in the top engineering college of a region. Can anyone guess what are gonna be its consequences? Wherever you go , u can hear this R-word. May be there is some good in the concept and idea of reservation, but this is not the way it must proceed. Dr.Ambedkar , who constructed this idea because of the social situations at that time also gave a expiry date of 30 years for these reservations . But the percentages of reservations increased three –fold compared to the 60 years before and time line extended six times. These politicians just play their vote bank poli’tricks’ for their power purposes and make innocent people fight for that. The funniest things that could happen are also on proposal; caste based reservations in IIT faculty and reservations in private jobs.

Is the integrity losing? : Two states fight over water and another person in a state orders all the other region people to leave because they think they are ruining them .Is this the way we be proud of our “Unity in Diversity”, which all the world hails .Regionalism can be seen anywhere in the country irrespective of the profession , place and purpose . Even Prime Minister’s Office is a victim of this. They can’t take a stern decision which may benefit something to a region.

Corruption: How can u forget this word, when we talk about India‘s plights .Even the lowest possible ranked person in the bureaucracy works only with the currency notes. The basic criteria for being a politician and run the country is to be corrupted [Thank God!! There are some exceptional pure candidates]. This deep rooted problem is the biggest problem we have to fight to reach the apex.

Overpopulation: The word which we study right from class 8th or 9th in school social text books as the problems faced by India is this same old one. It still needs some time to handle this issue and perhaps this is one area every government is working its best to solve this.

Lack of Infrastructure: How can one be a healthy man if one lacks the spinal or a broken one? You have schools in places, but not teachers and if you have teachers, u doesn’t have buildings. Still approximately 20 % of the villages in India are not connected and nearly 30 % of them never saw electric bulb lighting in their homes. Lack of hospitals, doctors and industries, name many things in this way and we lack a lot in them. Check the top 500 universities list in the world and u cant any institute other than IIT’s in them and that too on their pathetic path with recent developments concerning them.

Orthodoxy: Some may not agree with this but, many People still can’t accept change in their lives. Still people are not able to accommodate technology in their lives. Many still don’t believe in online transactions and new things coming up in their surroundings.One of the major national party thinks that if some country helps us in generation of nuclear power, we are gonna be their slaves. Is it not orthodoxy??

Resource Management: India is the second largest country in Human resources and the first one is already becoming a super power .But we are lacking the efforts in getting the best out of us. We have the best of mineral resources and water resources and we are not able to ripe their fruits. Somebody starts agitating if a new industry is setup in the locality and make it a national issue, block the roads , calls for a bandh and hartals and what not else . How can we progress in such a situation?

Being the largest democracy in the world and the powerhouse of the world’s ‘the best’ technocrats and many things else, we are not in a position to position ourselves as the major power in the international arena and leagues behind to make ourselves not to blame us. We are still IN’DEPENDENT’.Is it this what we wanted?? Is there a solution for all these??

PS: All the statements are personal opinions. No offenses.

PS: Happy Independence Day.