Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ripples and Dunno!

What is the purpose of life? I once saw a little boy throwing stones at a big pond...I went to him and asked him why are you throwing stones in the pond?He replied I love watching the ripples.I was puzzled I sat down with him ...The sun was setting it was pink in the sky ,and we were throing stones at the pond.In the huge pond the little stones created ripples and soon I realized I was happy doing it because in this world in the big pond I was able to create a ripple .I was able to visualize myself who could do something which in turn changed something else.I felt proud and then it hit me the purpose ....of life to create a ripple in this huge pond called world we live in .The littleboy taught me a lot when I sat down to see the world through his eyes I saw what life actually means and what we lose out.What was it ..that was so great about being with the little boy ....Was it the ability to look at the sky and see clouds shaped rabbits and deers,the little boy was so convinced that it was the rabbit that I didnt have the heart to say no........but then maybe it was, maybe it was if we beleived for a moment.Maybe it was if for once we stopped reasoning everything logically and started just beleiving in our imaginations our dreams.You can never lose if you live your dream ,after all Pele was Pele because he dreamt it...imagination is a key element if we want to be happy .And so I sat down with the boy searching for the little people with their little cars below the sand dunes.I just pray to lord that at moment we find Dunno (the little guy from the Russian novel Dunno )and his friends driving a little car.


  1. So Full of Questions....Hope you will find answer to all your questions. I liked your way of expressions. keep it up.