Thursday, July 10, 2008

It is another day today another morning ..another day less in my life.I ask myself do I sound pessimistic or am I just being me .I mean the accpetance of the fact that one day I will burn with the mother earth Gaia is so cold yet deep down it is comforting as well.I mean it was Gaia who brought me in here and it is in her lap that I will go to sleep.Ever thought ever wondered what it means to be a human.I mean what is the purpose we are send to in this earth!Do we really have a purpose in this world as they say or is it juat that we are being put here filling our places so that this perfect system works.If we were really sent with a purpose would we see men killing men,brothers killing brothers in name of land ,fathers killing daughters in name of that purpose .......the purpose to live .Who are we to take away the life of another fellow being .Some times you do feel like God when you do it .but wait for a second and ask yourself didnt God allow you to do it.Who is god??What is god .People kill each other over what name they should call him .I just wana ask...Can you explan to a 2 year old Who god is?If you cant then where is the point!I beleive in a metaphysical power above us ...No names no classifications It is too great to be named or classified it is just there and that is all we know.Today i end the post with one question What is the purpose of our living ....i will answer it tomorrow?

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