Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hmm the new question ...A colleague of mine today ruminated ...I want go back to my childhood....made me sit up and think MEMORIES.Every event every thing in todays world are being recorded Are the memories being recorded too?The footprints that we left behind are they being walked upon by someone once more in exactly the same way in another dimensions.Do other dmensions exactly exist?Einstein had said the more I studied science the more I began to beleive in things which are beyond our scope of understanding.So if we are to beleive that there exists parallel universe then indeed the memories are being releived once more .And that thought gives us a hope a hope that maybe one day, one day we will be able to change our future ...what if we will be able to travel back to another dimension and then do things right .But then again that would make us God.So many times we have come to a stage in our life where we say we could have done it another way...What if we could what if we could change the future ...would it bring peace to this world or would it create more destructions and finally annhilation.Every holy book speaks of the destruction the final battle where mankind loses ,what if we could avert the final battle by changing our future .Sititng in my desk in 2008 I know it is too farfetched an idea but then who knows 4000 years from now on we will move in another direction.Maybe man will travel into another dimension into another space and find the mystries of life releive his moments once more.Who are we?We are individuals trying to find our answers fighting our own demons and in the process searching for the truth.And with this thought I leave my desk move to my cupboard take out my diary labelled 1994 and start reading "Dear god thank you for my father and mother ,today........"

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