Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hmm the new question ...A colleague of mine today ruminated ...I want go back to my childhood....made me sit up and think MEMORIES.Every event every thing in todays world are being recorded Are the memories being recorded too?The footprints that we left behind are they being walked upon by someone once more in exactly the same way in another dimensions.Do other dmensions exactly exist?Einstein had said the more I studied science the more I began to beleive in things which are beyond our scope of understanding.So if we are to beleive that there exists parallel universe then indeed the memories are being releived once more .And that thought gives us a hope a hope that maybe one day, one day we will be able to change our future ...what if we will be able to travel back to another dimension and then do things right .But then again that would make us God.So many times we have come to a stage in our life where we say we could have done it another way...What if we could what if we could change the future ...would it bring peace to this world or would it create more destructions and finally annhilation.Every holy book speaks of the destruction the final battle where mankind loses ,what if we could avert the final battle by changing our future .Sititng in my desk in 2008 I know it is too farfetched an idea but then who knows 4000 years from now on we will move in another direction.Maybe man will travel into another dimension into another space and find the mystries of life releive his moments once more.Who are we?We are individuals trying to find our answers fighting our own demons and in the process searching for the truth.And with this thought I leave my desk move to my cupboard take out my diary labelled 1994 and start reading "Dear god thank you for my father and mother ,today........"

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ripples and Dunno!

What is the purpose of life? I once saw a little boy throwing stones at a big pond...I went to him and asked him why are you throwing stones in the pond?He replied I love watching the ripples.I was puzzled I sat down with him ...The sun was setting it was pink in the sky ,and we were throing stones at the pond.In the huge pond the little stones created ripples and soon I realized I was happy doing it because in this world in the big pond I was able to create a ripple .I was able to visualize myself who could do something which in turn changed something else.I felt proud and then it hit me the purpose ....of life to create a ripple in this huge pond called world we live in .The littleboy taught me a lot when I sat down to see the world through his eyes I saw what life actually means and what we lose out.What was it ..that was so great about being with the little boy ....Was it the ability to look at the sky and see clouds shaped rabbits and deers,the little boy was so convinced that it was the rabbit that I didnt have the heart to say no........but then maybe it was, maybe it was if we beleived for a moment.Maybe it was if for once we stopped reasoning everything logically and started just beleiving in our imaginations our dreams.You can never lose if you live your dream ,after all Pele was Pele because he dreamt it...imagination is a key element if we want to be happy .And so I sat down with the boy searching for the little people with their little cars below the sand dunes.I just pray to lord that at moment we find Dunno (the little guy from the Russian novel Dunno )and his friends driving a little car.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

It is another day today another morning ..another day less in my life.I ask myself do I sound pessimistic or am I just being me .I mean the accpetance of the fact that one day I will burn with the mother earth Gaia is so cold yet deep down it is comforting as well.I mean it was Gaia who brought me in here and it is in her lap that I will go to sleep.Ever thought ever wondered what it means to be a human.I mean what is the purpose we are send to in this earth!Do we really have a purpose in this world as they say or is it juat that we are being put here filling our places so that this perfect system works.If we were really sent with a purpose would we see men killing men,brothers killing brothers in name of land ,fathers killing daughters in name of that purpose .......the purpose to live .Who are we to take away the life of another fellow being .Some times you do feel like God when you do it .but wait for a second and ask yourself didnt God allow you to do it.Who is god??What is god .People kill each other over what name they should call him .I just wana ask...Can you explan to a 2 year old Who god is?If you cant then where is the point!I beleive in a metaphysical power above us ...No names no classifications It is too great to be named or classified it is just there and that is all we know.Today i end the post with one question What is the purpose of our living ....i will answer it tomorrow?
What is life .thats is a metaphysical question am still trying to answer.Death moves me to tears not because someone is moving away but because it is scary.It never tells you what it has in store for you it rather gives you an idea you have to live with.I ask myself many a times how does it feel when we die .but then i reason death is scary because it reveals nothing ..It just makes us wait until it come sto us slowly...All my life I have not been able to negotiate death come to terms with it .People say I think too much I think do I really...?Or is it just they are afraid to admit what is right and what is wrong!


This has been created to let the world know what it means to travel down the lonely road alone all alone.I mean have you ever stopped a second in ur untiring journey to think ...Why am I doing this?The universe is a much bigger than we can imagine .Who we are what we are where are we from ? The deeper we go into life it becomes more and more difficult to understand.Life deepest mystries is perhaps being able to admit the fact that we go on with our lives without actually understanding what it means.It is one frontier where the human mind can delvge deep ,,Will there ever be a day when man will be able to transcend the thin boundary between life and death!