Thursday, December 4, 2008


Well terrorists have ripped us apart and now we stand as a nation threatened by a variety of factors.As I choose to ponder as to why this situation has arisen I cant help but notice a few facts which make us so easy to be choosen as targets:

1. India has become a soft target .Foreigners like people from USA ,UK and Western Europe cant be targeted anymore  in their own country so they have started targeting the visiting foreigners in India.

2. Time and again it has been repeated and I sit here to say it once again we need a proper defence mechanism in place.US came up with Department of Homeland Security and the Act after the terror strikes.We need something surgical like that.I wouldnt term POTA because then I would stand to be viewed as biased to a party of a particular ideolouge.But we need better laws and better legislation.

3. The intelligence agencies need to have better coordination between them.We need better laws and also a few amendments in the constitution.The policy makers have to decide how to combat terrorism with a proper formula and a way to acheive the fastest response time instead of wasting valuable time in red tape mechanisms.

4. The general public has to decide in what way they want to take part in shaping the course of the nation.I mean we are a nation which gets irritated when we have to stand in a queue.We scold the policeman if he tries to check us because we are too busy .Plus we are arent Terrosists why should he check us ....Well that attitude has got to go if we want to survive.The police must be allowed to carry on their work.

5. There is no use shouting now that we dont  want politicians .Infact the constitution had given us enough resources to ask them question .How many of us have ever used an RTI act .All it takes is just 10 rupees to get a form and you can ask your local MLA just anything under the Sun ...have you ever done it?No its time we start using these tools.

6. The most important thing is to understand the very term Terrorism .Its main objective is to make us afraid make us beleive in anarchy and make us beleive we cant have respite .We have to show them that its not true we can fight back.But merely lighting a few candles wont solve the problem .What we need is a comprehensive startegy and a belive in the nation and the state.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Well it is time we all found a comprehensive way to defeat Terrorism .So let me focus today on Terrorism and what it means for the society we live in today.We should understand first of all that terrorism in most cases is not motivated by any religious ideologes.The attacks in Mumbai ,Guwahati,Delhi and many other places in the past few months has finally opened the eyes of the people towards the danger that we live in today.However the blasts this time has also broght about a sense of romanticism, a sense of starting to beleive in anarchy .
First of all right after the blasts people started denouncing the politicians and their incapacity to take proper measures .This was an expected response.But then people started demanding the resignation of the government and a sort of military rule.Now this is something that is completely uncalled for.We take pride in being the largest democracy in the world .We must understand that 10 people holding the nation to ransom must not be a motivation for us to walk down a road where we completely denounce democracy.Let us not forget the ideals which our forefathers beleived in when; they framed the definition for our nation.Yes we must make politicians more accountable ,we must take care in seeing how we are governed .However all this must be done within a specified framework .After al,l all said and done agreed there are always some irresponsible comments by a few politicians but the it isnt exactly easy when someone like you or me walks out to the streets carrying a gun wiling to kill and be killed.Military rule cannot be a solution however what we can do is bring the politicians to book make them more accountable.Secondly we must infuse politics...... people friendly politics in our blood.Thirdly the youth of this country must come forward to take part in active clean politics which will work wonders.
The next point I would like to touch upon is the issue of Pakistan and how to handle that particular nation.First of all we live in the most volatile region of the world ..let us understand that thing clearly.Secondly we just cannot carpet bomb Pakistan .Why...well for a variety of reasons.First we cannot just go into war with a state these days because their will be dire consequences.Secondly there is already an absurd notion that India is waging a war against Muslims ....any attack on Pakistan would give strength to that baseless notion  .This in turn will make India the unnecessary target of Muslim fanatics around the world.So what we can do is stop all negotaitions with pakistan at this point all the meaningless show of porous border and diplomacy.Instead we should sit down on the table and negiotiate hard until they are forced to give us the terrorists we want and bomb the Let or other camps that we want  to be destroyed.
The next most important thing is the way the Muslim community behaves after these blasts.I have always been an admirer of Islam not to mention the number of Muslim friends I have.However there are some flaws I must admit.There are always reports that whenever there are blasts in India in some parts crackers are burst. Yes you wont beleive it but its true I have seen and heard them .Now I wont go on eulogising these few trival things however I just want to stress the fact that yes such problems do exist  in the country.Now the question is what must we do....or rather what must the Muslim community do.Well for starters the leaders in their community must come forward and speak voraciously that there is no war on Muslims in India and this message must be passed all over the world.This will help in bridging the gap between the state and the international Muslim community.We must keep reminding  everybody that our missile programme which according to many Pakistani theorists is a symbol of Hindu Zionism is infact headed by APJ Abdul Kalam also a former President.This is a nation that is based on strong secualrists ideals and this message must be passed to people everwhere in the world. 
We all must be ready for stringent security interference in our lives.If we have to fight terrorism we must understand that we must be ready to go to any extent.We must not complain when our car is pulled up for checks at nights .We must not get indignated when police asks for our identification.Maybe in the near future a few members of a particular community might be profiled but they must understand that its for the good of the nation .The best way to carry out profiling is that it is carried out by members of that particular community itself.This will not allow conspiracy theorists to give flames to thier rhetoric.It is high time that we all grasp the realities surrounding terrorism and do something about it.
I have a dream. Nothing is being able to defeat Terrorism at this point not Hinduism.Islam ,Buddhism or for that matter any other -isms.What  if we evolve a common religion Indianism which is the religion of the nation and theer is only one god NATION.That would have been the most powerful way of defeating terrorism because nothing can defeat 1.1 billion people of a particular religion.But then they are just fantasies as of now we must be contended with what we have and just find the best way out to combat terrorism.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Will India be what it wants to be?? The TRICOLOR factors!!

The Tricolor Indian flag

The Tricolor Indian flag

At an age of 61 in a man’s life ,perhaps he would have accomplished all his worldly desires n become stable in all respects and enjoy his prosperity grow beyond his imaginative limits and his younger generation of his off springs taking over his efforts. But INDIA celebrating its 61st Independence Day this year is still in deep troubles as a troubled teenager trying to make his life. Even as the GDP is growing at a rate of double digits and foreign reserves at an all time high and many figures and indices showing its prosperity, India still lacks a lot to become what it aspired to be in this global world. As I have read somewhere “After a century and two billion births, an Indian gets his first gold at Olympics “.Even if the gold medal at Olympics made us to walk a little taller, we still have to grow enormously in many aspects . . Can we imagine ourselves as a militarily invincible, economically unrivalled, diplomatically uncontestable and a dominating force on information channels worldwide? Or putting it in a simple way” Will INDIA be a superpower?” At this point this is the one of the biggest possible question to debate about. These are the some of the issues which cross my thoughts which may hinder us in becoming what we want. I call them the TRICOLOR factors!!!

Terrorism: Many have read or listened to facts that Indians constitute of 30%of NASA and 25% of Microsoft or stuff like that. But India also holds another record; it’s the second country of Terrorist deaths in the list for the last year with Iraq in the place above. Terrorism is a common word in India now and terrorist attacks are becoming more common. Name a big city and you can find terror links in the place!!! Unless we curb out the roots of terror in the country, we have a very slight chances to see what we aspire. And the most common thing to watch out when these things happen is the mudsling politics played by the central and state governments.


Manmohan Singh says to Bush, “We are sending Indians to the moon next year”. Bush says, “Wow! How Many?” Manmohan Singh says, “100; 25 OBC, 25 SC, 20 ST, 5 Handicapped, 5 Sports Persons, 5 Terrorist Affected, 5 Kashmiri Migrants, 9 Politicians and if possible 1 Astronaut”

Perhaps India is the only country in the world; people feel pride and fight to be called as backward classes. Is this good for us?? Take the instance of recent IIT results and the cutoff for physics was “zero”. So you do nothing in your physics paper or else forget about the core component of engineering , the physics subject , in one of the world toughest entrance exam and get through the exam and secure a seat in a world class institute .Is it the right way to uplift people.? You get negative marks in the national engineering entrance exam and get yourself a welcome seat in the top engineering college of a region. Can anyone guess what are gonna be its consequences? Wherever you go , u can hear this R-word. May be there is some good in the concept and idea of reservation, but this is not the way it must proceed. Dr.Ambedkar , who constructed this idea because of the social situations at that time also gave a expiry date of 30 years for these reservations . But the percentages of reservations increased three –fold compared to the 60 years before and time line extended six times. These politicians just play their vote bank poli’tricks’ for their power purposes and make innocent people fight for that. The funniest things that could happen are also on proposal; caste based reservations in IIT faculty and reservations in private jobs.

Is the integrity losing? : Two states fight over water and another person in a state orders all the other region people to leave because they think they are ruining them .Is this the way we be proud of our “Unity in Diversity”, which all the world hails .Regionalism can be seen anywhere in the country irrespective of the profession , place and purpose . Even Prime Minister’s Office is a victim of this. They can’t take a stern decision which may benefit something to a region.

Corruption: How can u forget this word, when we talk about India‘s plights .Even the lowest possible ranked person in the bureaucracy works only with the currency notes. The basic criteria for being a politician and run the country is to be corrupted [Thank God!! There are some exceptional pure candidates]. This deep rooted problem is the biggest problem we have to fight to reach the apex.

Overpopulation: The word which we study right from class 8th or 9th in school social text books as the problems faced by India is this same old one. It still needs some time to handle this issue and perhaps this is one area every government is working its best to solve this.

Lack of Infrastructure: How can one be a healthy man if one lacks the spinal or a broken one? You have schools in places, but not teachers and if you have teachers, u doesn’t have buildings. Still approximately 20 % of the villages in India are not connected and nearly 30 % of them never saw electric bulb lighting in their homes. Lack of hospitals, doctors and industries, name many things in this way and we lack a lot in them. Check the top 500 universities list in the world and u cant any institute other than IIT’s in them and that too on their pathetic path with recent developments concerning them.

Orthodoxy: Some may not agree with this but, many People still can’t accept change in their lives. Still people are not able to accommodate technology in their lives. Many still don’t believe in online transactions and new things coming up in their surroundings.One of the major national party thinks that if some country helps us in generation of nuclear power, we are gonna be their slaves. Is it not orthodoxy??

Resource Management: India is the second largest country in Human resources and the first one is already becoming a super power .But we are lacking the efforts in getting the best out of us. We have the best of mineral resources and water resources and we are not able to ripe their fruits. Somebody starts agitating if a new industry is setup in the locality and make it a national issue, block the roads , calls for a bandh and hartals and what not else . How can we progress in such a situation?

Being the largest democracy in the world and the powerhouse of the world’s ‘the best’ technocrats and many things else, we are not in a position to position ourselves as the major power in the international arena and leagues behind to make ourselves not to blame us. We are still IN’DEPENDENT’.Is it this what we wanted?? Is there a solution for all these??

PS: All the statements are personal opinions. No offenses.

PS: Happy Independence Day.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hmm the new question ...A colleague of mine today ruminated ...I want go back to my childhood....made me sit up and think MEMORIES.Every event every thing in todays world are being recorded Are the memories being recorded too?The footprints that we left behind are they being walked upon by someone once more in exactly the same way in another dimensions.Do other dmensions exactly exist?Einstein had said the more I studied science the more I began to beleive in things which are beyond our scope of understanding.So if we are to beleive that there exists parallel universe then indeed the memories are being releived once more .And that thought gives us a hope a hope that maybe one day, one day we will be able to change our future ...what if we will be able to travel back to another dimension and then do things right .But then again that would make us God.So many times we have come to a stage in our life where we say we could have done it another way...What if we could what if we could change the future ...would it bring peace to this world or would it create more destructions and finally annhilation.Every holy book speaks of the destruction the final battle where mankind loses ,what if we could avert the final battle by changing our future .Sititng in my desk in 2008 I know it is too farfetched an idea but then who knows 4000 years from now on we will move in another direction.Maybe man will travel into another dimension into another space and find the mystries of life releive his moments once more.Who are we?We are individuals trying to find our answers fighting our own demons and in the process searching for the truth.And with this thought I leave my desk move to my cupboard take out my diary labelled 1994 and start reading "Dear god thank you for my father and mother ,today........"

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ripples and Dunno!

What is the purpose of life? I once saw a little boy throwing stones at a big pond...I went to him and asked him why are you throwing stones in the pond?He replied I love watching the ripples.I was puzzled I sat down with him ...The sun was setting it was pink in the sky ,and we were throing stones at the pond.In the huge pond the little stones created ripples and soon I realized I was happy doing it because in this world in the big pond I was able to create a ripple .I was able to visualize myself who could do something which in turn changed something else.I felt proud and then it hit me the purpose ....of life to create a ripple in this huge pond called world we live in .The littleboy taught me a lot when I sat down to see the world through his eyes I saw what life actually means and what we lose out.What was it ..that was so great about being with the little boy ....Was it the ability to look at the sky and see clouds shaped rabbits and deers,the little boy was so convinced that it was the rabbit that I didnt have the heart to say no........but then maybe it was, maybe it was if we beleived for a moment.Maybe it was if for once we stopped reasoning everything logically and started just beleiving in our imaginations our dreams.You can never lose if you live your dream ,after all Pele was Pele because he dreamt it...imagination is a key element if we want to be happy .And so I sat down with the boy searching for the little people with their little cars below the sand dunes.I just pray to lord that at moment we find Dunno (the little guy from the Russian novel Dunno )and his friends driving a little car.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

It is another day today another morning ..another day less in my life.I ask myself do I sound pessimistic or am I just being me .I mean the accpetance of the fact that one day I will burn with the mother earth Gaia is so cold yet deep down it is comforting as well.I mean it was Gaia who brought me in here and it is in her lap that I will go to sleep.Ever thought ever wondered what it means to be a human.I mean what is the purpose we are send to in this earth!Do we really have a purpose in this world as they say or is it juat that we are being put here filling our places so that this perfect system works.If we were really sent with a purpose would we see men killing men,brothers killing brothers in name of land ,fathers killing daughters in name of that purpose .......the purpose to live .Who are we to take away the life of another fellow being .Some times you do feel like God when you do it .but wait for a second and ask yourself didnt God allow you to do it.Who is god??What is god .People kill each other over what name they should call him .I just wana ask...Can you explan to a 2 year old Who god is?If you cant then where is the point!I beleive in a metaphysical power above us ...No names no classifications It is too great to be named or classified it is just there and that is all we know.Today i end the post with one question What is the purpose of our living ....i will answer it tomorrow?
What is life .thats is a metaphysical question am still trying to answer.Death moves me to tears not because someone is moving away but because it is scary.It never tells you what it has in store for you it rather gives you an idea you have to live with.I ask myself many a times how does it feel when we die .but then i reason death is scary because it reveals nothing ..It just makes us wait until it come sto us slowly...All my life I have not been able to negotiate death come to terms with it .People say I think too much I think do I really...?Or is it just they are afraid to admit what is right and what is wrong!


This has been created to let the world know what it means to travel down the lonely road alone all alone.I mean have you ever stopped a second in ur untiring journey to think ...Why am I doing this?The universe is a much bigger than we can imagine .Who we are what we are where are we from ? The deeper we go into life it becomes more and more difficult to understand.Life deepest mystries is perhaps being able to admit the fact that we go on with our lives without actually understanding what it means.It is one frontier where the human mind can delvge deep ,,Will there ever be a day when man will be able to transcend the thin boundary between life and death!